Medical Power of Attorney in Texas

The Huffington Post ran a story regarding the Medical Power of Attorney executed by Gary Coleman. Mr. Coleman’s agent made the decision to remove him from life support under his Medical Power of Attorney.

It appears, however, that Mr. Coleman was divorced when he passed away. Mr. Coleman’s Medical Power of Attorney was executed prior to his divorce in 2008 and had not been subsequently amended or revoked. His ex-wife told the hospital that she still his spouse and the hospital allowed her to make medical decisions on Mr. Coleman’s behalf. Continue reading “Medical Power of Attorney in Texas”

Are fixed gear bicycles street legal in Texas?

Are fixed gear bicycles street legal under Texas law? A fixed gear bicycle is one that has only one speed or gear and no freewheel. Without a freewheel, the cyclist cannot coast. If the rear wheel is turning, the chain and the pedals are turning, too. Typically these bikes have no hand brakes and no foot brake. Unlike the single speed bicycles that have a free wheel and a coaster brake that engages when you peddle backward, there is no friction device on these bikes to stop the wheels. Continue reading “Are fixed gear bicycles street legal in Texas?”

Do you qualify for a Texas Concealed Handgun License? (CHL)

Convicted As Defined By Texas Concealed Handgun License Law

“Convicted” means an adjudication of guilt or, except as provided in Section 411.1711, an order of deferred adjudication entered against a person by a court of competent jurisdiction whether or not the imposition of the sentence is subsequently probated and the person is discharged from community supervision. The term does not include an adjudication of guilt or an order of deferred adjudication that has been subsequently: expunged; or pardoned under the authority of state or federal official. Continue reading “Do you qualify for a Texas Concealed Handgun License? (CHL)”

TPA “Fast Track” – What Every American Should Know

When everyone seems to be contradicting everyone else, it’s a good bet that at least someone is ill-informed, confused or straight-up lying.  We’re going to try to explain TPA as we understand it and as clearly as we can.  If any of the below is wrong, we will be first to admit and correct it.  But after reading the TPA, we think we have this right.

In order to understand what’s going on with the TPA, a little background civics is necessary. Continue reading “TPA “Fast Track” – What Every American Should Know”

What’s Wrong with ObamaTrade / TPA / TPP /

Fellow Patriots:

As you may have heard, the Senate Republicans have voted for TPA, and the House Republican leadership is bringing it up this Friday.

TPA will, in turn, “fast track” a series of so-called “trade agreements” from Obama (TPP, TTIP and TISA) that are being kept SECRET and unavailable to the American public. Continue reading “What’s Wrong with ObamaTrade / TPA / TPP /”

ALERT! Border Security Funding at Risk in Texas!

A conference call with JoAnn Fleming (Grassroots America) and Dale Huls (Clear Lake TEA Party) sounded the alarm to start calling key TX House Committee members this week.  At stake is continued funding for the Texas National Guard, which has been drawn down to 200 members.  Last week, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick called for continued funding for border security.  According to public statements and news accounts, Speaker Joe Strausshrugged off Patrick’s call with a notable lack of enthusiasm.
This is NOT about Joe Straus and Dan Patrick.  This is NOT about a political squabble. This is about the safety and security of Texas.  Since Texas is the largest border entry into the US from Mexico, it is a gateway to the interior of the US.  With the dithering of the GOP leadership in Washington, we cannot count on them to secure the border, and Obama’s executive amnesty will attract more and more illegal border crossers!  We are also sitting ducks for terrorists. Continue reading “ALERT! Border Security Funding at Risk in Texas!”