Compromising Positions: Texas GOP and Tea Parties Find Their Fortunes Reversed in Ft. Worth

Compromising Positions:  Texas GOP and Tea Parties Find Their Fortunes Reversed in Ft. Worth


By Dale Huls


A funny thing happened at the 2014 Republican Party of Texas (RPT) convention last weekend.  The grassroots tea parties and the Republican establishment were forced to compromise on an immigration plank in the Republican Party of Texas Platform.  And the Republican elites are wailing and gnashing their teeth! 


You see, “compromise” is what’s supposed to happen when the establishment wins and the tea party loses.  Indeed, we are constantly being lectured about party unity.  That was one of Texas Republican Party Chairman Steve Munisteri’s main opening messages to the convention – Party Unity.  Sitting in the auditorium as a tea party member, I felt that this was the establishment laying down the terms of surrender.  We are told that our enemies are too dangerous for the tea parties to not get in line after our intra-party struggles.  When the Platform Committee Chairman, Tom Mechler introduced the RPT platform to the delegates, he stressed “compromise.”  Mr. Mechler told us that everyone wouldn’t be able to get all they wanted in the platform, but for the sake of party unity, we should adopt the “perfected” document and move on.  Indeed, messages of unity and compromise were the mantra of the day…for a Republican establishment that expected to win. 


And why shouldn’t the Republican elites and corporate interests expect to win?  They knew that the conservative tea party movement was coming to do battle over the “Texas Solution”.  They saw tea party activists preparing for an ideological battle over principles and the rule of law.  They monitored the social media posts, tweets and blogs.  They understood that this convention would be less well attended than other recent conventions and activists were coming in numbers.  With this understanding and foresight, the elitists Republican Party apparatchiks began a counter-campaign to protect the Texas Solution and keep it in the platform.  Mailers went out with conservative sounding names claiming that the Texas Solution was necessary for outreach to Hispanic groups and avoid a demographic catastrophe in future elections with the promise of free jobs and legal residence in the United States (in other words – Amnesty).  Newspaper articles were written, blogs posted, and surrogates were organized to counter the growing tea party threat.  Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples began contacting tea party groups and convention delegate trainings to push a rewritten Texas Solution plan that was actually more lenient than the original.  Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson and amnesty lobbyist Norman Adams continued selling the Texas Solution’s guest worker program.  A large Texas Solution pavilion in the convention center’s Exhibition Hall was purchased.  And finally, the temporary platform committee was staffed with a majority of members sympathetic to a guest worker program and provided food and drinks by Norman Adams.


What could possibly go wrong?  Well, the best laid plans of mice and Rinos often go astray when the full weight of the grassroots show up and work for a common goal.  As soon as the temporary platform committee went into public session and testimony, it became obvious that the tea party was there to fight against any immigration plank that offered defacto amnesty via a guest worker program.  Tea party operatives stayed day and night fighting to get rid of the guest worker language and report out the proceedings to the grassroots network at the convention.  Extreme pressure was put on the committee to such an extent that Todd Staples’ rewritten Texas Solution never saw the light of day.  By the end of the temporary platform committee’s stint, the immigration platform plank had been completely rewritten and the guest worker program language was changed to a “provisional visa” program (same song, different tune).  That night in the Senate District caucuses, a few pro-amnesty temporary committee members were voted out by the grassroots and replaced for Friday’s Permanent Platform committee.  With new committee members, a new plank was offered based on Senator Dan Patrick’s website on border security and immigration.  In fact, when this amendment was offered, the committee vote was a 15 – 15 tie for which the Chairman Mechler declined to break.  An amendment in a tie vote is NOT adopted.  Consequently, seven committee members signed a “minority report” that took the amendment to the convention floor as substitution amendment and presented to all the convention delegates.  Since this minority report still contained some objectionable language that needed removing and the remaining doubt that it would be accepted, the grassroots hurriedly prepared amendments to be filed before the 6pm Friday deadline (note: that only filed amendments may be considered on the convention floor under normal rules).  These amendments dealt with fixing the minority report language or removing the provisional visa language and of the approximately 200 amendments filed about three-quarters addressed the immigration plank.


At this point, the grassroots felt they had a fighting chance at replacing the Texas Solution immigration plank with a common sense immigration plank based on the rule of law.  As the convention came to order on the last day, a grassroots network of Facebook, Twitter, text messaging and email spontaneously arose.  Numerous activists were prepared to whip the votes by working the delegates and holding up yes/no signs indicating which way the vote should go.  And then came the moment, everybody in the convention was waiting for.  Mark Ramsey, a member of the Permanent Platform Committee, came out on the center stage to introduce the immigration minority report to the delegation.  However, after introducing a motion to substitute the minority report for the proposed immigration plank reported out of committee, Mr. Ramsey started to discuss the committee’s proposed plank in detail.  At this point, uneasiness settled on the anti-amnesty supporters.  Why wasn’t he talking about the minority report?  Why wasn’t he promoting the minority report was a much better stance on immigration?  And then came the shocker, Ramsey offered a new amendment to the existing plank as a “trigger” for the provisional visa program and therefore a “fix” for the original plank.  The grassroots immediately felt betrayed.  It now looked like the minority report had been set up for failure.  The problem was Mr. Ramsey’s amendment did make the plank better but it left intact the guest worker/ provisional visa program.  Delegates wanted to know what happened and how they should vote.  And then parliamentary confusion began, was debate cut off or was it not?  Were we voting on the amendment or the minority report or both?  Once the muddle was cleared up, the amendment to add a trigger was approved and the minority report failed.


Despair fell over the no amnesty delegates and activists.  All of the filed amendments addressing the minority report were no longer relevant.  And a last chance attempt was made to strip the provisional visa program from the proposed platform plank.   This too ultimately failed.  It seems the establishment Republican supporters of the Texas Solution had won again.  It looked like the provisional visa language would stay with the only “compromise” being the trigger amendment first offered by Ramsey.  The grassroots had fought so hard.  It seemed that money and manipulation had once again trumped conservative principles.


But wait all was not lost, from the floor microphones arose a single voice offering a motion to amend the immigration plank by offering the delegates another option.  Peter Batura had written his own compromise amendment and had correctly filed it the previous day.  In his amendment, he kept the textual language providing rationale from the proposed immigration plank and took the best specific bullet points offered in the minority report to craft a complete plank on his own.  It would be an understatement to say that both sides of the issue were stunned at this development.  Activists and establishment alike scrambled to read the amendment.  Confusion reigned throughout the hall.  As the reading went, the amendment read exactly like the proposed plank for the first three paragraphs.  Each side asked “Was this a good thing or a bad thing?”  Within minutes the leading activists decided that this was a strong alternative to the existing language and the word started going out via text messaging and emails imploring the body to vote yes on this amendment.  The pro-guest worker/provisional worker crowd also began to whip their votes against.  In fact, in Dan Patrick’s home Senate District (SD 7), Mark Ramsey, Valerie Swanson, and David Riddle managed to place their delegation solidly against the floor amendment (36 – 385).  One member of the SD 7 delegation related that “a delegate in the section next to SD 7 asked me why SD 7 voted Democrat?  I was so embarrassed…”


As the vote on the floor amendment took place, Chairman Munisteri called for a voice vote which was inconclusive according to the chair.  In fact, Steve Munisteri did a remarkably fair job in understanding the will of the convention by calling numerous standing votes to visibly assess votes by the delegation.  This vote was no different.  However, if we thought the floor amendment was an unlooked for boon and a last minute reprieve from defeat, it was surely divine providence in what happened next.  When Chairman Munisteri called for a “standing” vote, he sought confirmation of the vote from others on the stage.  Consequently, both the convention Parliamentarian and Secretary answered that they had each seen a different outcome of the standing vote.  With a disagreement on the stage Chairman Munisteri was unwilling to call the vote himself and determined that a “roll call” vote was in order.  This was exactly what the grassroots wanted.  Win or lose, a tallied vote of record was had been sought to document the vote and remove any doubt of vote unlike what occurred in the original Texas Solution vote in 2012. 


Now, with each SD voting their full voting strength, the results of the roll call vote was 4763 for the motion and 3735 against.  By over a 1000 votes, the tea party position had carried the day.  By an approximate 60 to 40% split, the Texas Republican Party had elected to discard an unworkable “market-based” approach to immigration reform.  Emphasis was refocused in the party platform to address border security and the rule of law.  The new immigration plank was indeed a compromise position by taking the best of the committee’s proposed plank and the minority report and blending them together into a seamless document addressing immigration issues.


Unfortunately, the establishment and corporate interests seem to be not so interested in “party unity” after the platform was adopted and the convention closed.  Norman Adams, the high dollar guest worker lobbyist, left insisting that the grassroots had set the Party back 10 years and this was the work of white supremacists.  Please!  It’s bad enough that the liberal press says these things about the GOP grassroots and tea party, but for other “Republicans” to say it is not advancing party unity after a hard fought intra-party disagreement.  


Indeed, both sides knew the stakes were high in Texas regarding the immigration plank.  It was suspected that the Texas Solution was intended to give cover to moderates such as Jeb Bush and Chris Christie regarding their own immigration stances.  Additionally, it was suspected that Speaker Boehner would use the Texas Solution as a further justification for an amnesty vote this summer.  Because if Texas, the reddest of red states, can support a guest worker/provisional visa program for all illegal aliens then it must be alright for the Republican-led House to do the same.  However, after Saturday’s vote, moderate Republican 2016 candidates must stand on their own without the cover of Texas Republicans and John Boehner must reach for other justifications in his push for amnesty.  


So this is what “compromise” feels like when your positions, by and large, carry the day.  As demonstrated by the comments, posts, tweets, and blogs in social media, it appears the grassroots can get comfortable with this kind of compromise.  However, it is up to the political elite and corporate interests in the Republican Party to see if they can practice what they preach.  Will they get in line and defend the party platform?  Will they join forces because our enemies are too dangerous for us to be divided?  Will they follow the advice of Tom Mechler who called for the sake of party unity to adopt the “perfected” document and move on?  After all, he is the one who said everyone would not be able to get all they wanted in the platform.  Will Republicans across America support what Texas has done to reject a backdoor amnesty program and support a more common sense and rule of law approach?  I wonder. 


Saddle up Texas!

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U.S. National Security Experts OPPOSE ‘Texas Solution’


Fellow Grassroots Texans:


As you may know, the Platform Committee of the Texas Republican Party, led by Chairman Tom Mechler, is working to push an illegal immigrant legalization plan, known as the “Texas Solution” into the Texas Republican Platform.


A group of national security experts have written an open letter to the delegates to the Republican Convention OPPOSING the proposed “Texas Solution” legalization program.  We are forwarding it below in its entirety.


The letter is posted AT THIS LINK in pdf form.


Please forward this along to anyone you know who is a delegate to the RPT convention.  Thank you.



Dear Participants in the Texas Republican State Convention:


You are being asked to approve as part of the platform for your party a plank being marketed as the “Texas Solution” to the serious immigration challenges facing our nation.  A genuine solution emanating from your great state would be most welcome.  Based on our collective years of experience in trying to safeguard the national security, however, the proposed language would be part of the problem, not a contribution to a real remedy. 


Our specific concern arises from the failure of the “Texas Solution” to give priority and substance to the need to secure our southern border.  As you know, the porousness of that border has enabled untold millions of illegal aliens to transit it over the years.  While large numbers of children have been among the most recent, and highly publicized, of those who have gained access to our country in that fashion, among the others who have done so are: terrorists, foreign nationals from hostile countries, narco-traffickers, gang members, individuals forced into sexual slavery, etc.


It is hard to overstate the danger these illegal alien flows represent to the safety and security of our people.  The same coyotes who smuggle in people looking for nothing more than an opportunity to improve their economic circumstances are using their skills, routes, tunnels and corrupting resources to enable the movement of anything else gangs or enemies of this country wish to bring here.  It must be assumed that that will involve at some point the introduction of weapons of mass destruction, if it has not already occurred.


We have heard for decades the sorts of platitudes about securing the border that are found in the “Texas Solution” currently under consideration by the Convention.  Indeed, politicians of both parties at the federal as well as state level routinely pay lip-service to the need for such a step, even promising that it will precede the granting of guest worker status, amnesty or other “paths to citizenship.”


In our professional judgment, the insecurity of our southern border and the dangers associated with it are such that a real solution to our immigration problems must start with concrete, practical and effective measures to prevent unauthorized access to our country via that route.  In the absence of such a condition being established, granting amnesty – either explicitly or as a practical matter (via guest worker programs, DREAM Acts, allowing illegal aliens to join the U.S. military or otherwise) – is simply a magnet for more violations of our immigration laws and more threats to our national security.


We strongly recommend that the Convention insist on a solution to the illegal immigration problem that would not only be a boon to Texas, but a worthy model for national action, as well.  That would mean requiring the border to be actually secured, through a combination of physical barriers, surveillance capabilities and forces in place, and rigorously certified as secured before any further actions are taken that would legalize aliens unlawfully in this country or otherwise incentivize others to come here.



Admiral James A Lyons, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

Former Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet

Lt. General William G. Boykin, U.S. Army (Ret.)

Former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.

Former Asst. Sec. of Defense for International Security Policy (Acting)

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The 2014 ‘Texas Solution’ Platform Subcommittee



The Platform Subcommittee that will be voting on the “Texas Solution” guest worker / amnesty plan is listed below.


Whether you support the “Texas Solution” or you oppose the “Texas Solution,” now would be a good time to let the committee members know where you stand.  They are the ones in control of the process–particularly the Chairman, Tom Mechler.


PLEASE NOTE: As always, please be civil and polite in your communications with committee members.  Thank you.




2014 “Texas Solution” Platform Subcommittee:


First Last Senate Dist. County Email
CHAIR Tom Mechler 31 Randall
Member Artemio Muniz 6 Harris
Member Dianne Costa 12 Denton
Member Mike  Gibson 17 Fort Bend
Member Sheryl Holland 25 Kendall 
Member Mary Holmsley 29 El Paso
Member Victor Leal 31 Potter




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Schlafly: The Racket of Guest Workers

The Racket of Guest Workers

June 3, 2014
by Phyllis Schlafly, President & Founder of Eagle Forum


Tom Donohue, U.S. Chamber of Commerce president, just hurled a challenge to Republicans. If they don’t pass amnesty for illegal aliens, they “shouldn’t bother to run a candidate in 2016.


Somebody probably told him that outrageous statement was a gaffe, which means the inconvenient revelation of an embarrassing viewpoint, so Donohue tried to pass off his threat as a joke. But it isn’t funny: Donohue’s big-business members want us to import more low-paid workers, and they want them now, suggesting that this fall’s lame duck session of Congress would be a good time to implement this racket.


And it is a racketIt’s a carefully planned, well-financed scheme to use false arguments to import foreign workers who will keep wages depressed for American college graduates.


Every time the amnesty issue comes up, and we remind the advocates that it will severely disadvantage low-paid and entry-level American workers by swamping the market with a flood of immigrants to compete for their jobs and depress wages, business leaders offer a compromise. They argue that at least we must accept guest workers on H-1B visas because U.S.STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) graduates are in short supply.


We are even told we should welcome them because the foreign STEM graduates are the best and the brightest. That’s false and also insulting. In the age of political correctness, American STEM graduates should be invited to cry discrimination and demand apologies.


As President Barack Obama was hopping around in May from one high-dollar Democratic fundraiser to another, he used the famous pen of his imperial presidency to create a new category of guest workers for which he has no statutory authority. He will unilaterally allow the spouses of H1-B visa holders to take U.S. jobs.


Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama, who is the best friend of American workers, says that Obama’s proposal to create 100,000 more guest worker permits for the spouses of H-1B holders is a plan that will keep 100,000 Americans from finding jobs.


The United States already has more than twice as many workers with STEM degrees as there are STEM jobs. The Economic Policy Institute, the RAND Corporation, the Urban Institute and the National Research Council have all found no evidence that STEM workers are in short supply.


There are more than 5 million native-born Americans with STEM degrees working in non-STEM occupations, and an additional 1.2 million STEM graduates who are unemployed.


There is absolutely no STEM worker shortage.


Sessions organized a gathering of real experts on this issue. He included professors who obviously have studied Economics 101 and learned that the law of supply and demand results in wages going up if there is a shortage and down if there is an oversupply.


Rutgers University public policy professor Hal Salzman said that current wages in the high-tech and information technology industries do not indicate that there is any shortage, because wages are not going up. In fact, wages are the same as they were when Bill Clinton was president, so Salzman asked, “If there is in fact a shortage, why don’t wages go up?


Michael Teitelbaum, senior research associate at Harvard Law School and author of a new book on scientific talent, said the high-tech industry has gotten years of a “free ride” from the media about an issue that is really nondebatable because there is no evidence of shortages of scientists and engineers.


Many scholarly studies have refuted the widespread propaganda that there is a shortage of American STEM graduates. Norm Matloff, professor of computer science at the University of California, Davis, asked, was there “a problem to begin with?”


Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has spent millions on expensive campaigns to get more H-1B visas. Bill Gates is another big advocate of bringing in more guest workers.


Big businesses favor H-1B visa workers because they are cheaper; corporations can pay them less than American engineers. In addition, they are similar to indentured workers, becausetheir employers hold their work permits and can prevent the H-1B workers from quitting to take a better job from another employer.


Big corporations not only pay H-1B workers less when they are hired, but use them to replace Americans older than age 35 who expect promotions. H-1Bs have destroyed the opportunity of American STEM workers to move up and provide for their families.


The high-tech industries continue to cry about skilled labor shortages, yet they provide no evidence, and their statements have been debunked by scholars. But they repeat them and the pro-amnesty media continue to give them coverage.

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Shirley Spellerberg Responds to Norm Adams


Shirley Spellerberg’s Response to Norm Adams’ Reprimand of US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)




For Norm Adams and his business cronies to reprimand Senator Ted Cruz for his strong stand against illegal immigration is deplorable. Norm will stoop to anything to try to keep his ‘Texas Solution’ in the RPT Platform. 


When Ted Cruz appeared on CNN’s ‘The Lead with Jake Tapper’, Senator Cruz  denounced former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush’s defense of illegal immigration, explaining that breaking the law is not ‘positive and beneficial’ and that turning a blind eye while illegal migrants cross the border ‘is not a humane system.’


Bush tries to justify illegal immigration by noting that it’s ‘not a felony’ and is an ‘act of love and commitment to your family.’ Cruz’ response, ‘There’s no doubt that immigrants come to this country because they are seeking a better world and a better life for their kids. What isn’t positive and beneficial is breaking the law to do so.’ The rule of law matters and if you look at any sovereign nation, securing your border is important.’


While we must do all we can to secure our borders, the likelihood that our borders  will be truly secure in the near future is slim to none.


That is why the RPT must re-adopt the 2010 RPT Platform on Immigration which calls for strict enforcement of existing immigration laws and delete the unworkable 2012  ‘Texas Solution.’

Please–No ‘Texas Solution’ for our Immigration Platform.




Illegal Immigration– Secure the Borders Now. With growing impatience the American people in overwhelming numbers have asked our Government to secure our borders. They now demand it and we as a party agree with the American people. Illegal aliens have by definition violated U.S. law. We oppose illegal immigration, amnesty in any form leading to citizenship, or legal status for illegal immigrants. We support an end to the “catch and release” policy; criminal penalties and aggressive enforcement for those who knowingly employ illegal workers; expeditious hearings on deporting non-violent illegal immigrants; amending the U.S. constitution to suspend automatic U.S. citizenship to children born to illegal immigrants; elimination of federal and state funding to cities with “sanctuary” laws; empowering state and local law enforcement agencies with authority and resources to detain illegal immigrants; rejection of non-verifiable foreign-issued cards as valid identification; strict prosecution of any entity involved in phony identification documents; elimination of day labor work centers; elimination of laws requiring hospitals to give non-emergency care to illegals; elimination of social security benefits or federal and state funding to illegals for education, housing or business loans; preventing any foreign entity from using our judicial system to enter the United States; document verification prior to issuance of a Texas driver’s license; withholding federal highway funds from any state issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens; and aggressive prosecution of persons smuggling humans across our borders. We support requiring all employers to utilize E-verify system to confirm the legal status of all new hires.



Enforcement of Immigration Law– We support strict and immediate enforcement of all immigration laws.



Birthright Citizenship– We call on the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of these United States to clarify Section 1 of the 14th amendment to limit citizenship by birth to those born to a citizen of the United States: with no exceptions.

God bless Senator Ted Cruz
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Update on the Texas Solution Guest Worker / Amnesty Plan



Fellow Grassroots Texans:


In the interest of keeping everyone up-to-speed on the latest back-and-forth over the new guest worker / amnesty plans being pushed at the Texas Republican Convention, we have prepared the following digest, incorporating some perspectives from those opposing and those supporting new guest worker / amnesty plans.


This digest is posted online here:


A word on ‘amnesty‘: proponents of the Texas Solution argue it is not an ‘amnesty’ for one reason or another.  The Texas Solution would provide legal resident and legal worker status to aliens who came to this country illegally.  Many consider that to be ‘amnesty.’




Steve Toth: Say No to the Texas Solution


If the Texas Legislature under the current leadership of Joe Straus continues to turn its back on the situation, then the GOP will continue to pay the price for his failed leadership. Speak with anyone on the border – (Democrat or Republican) – and they will demand that Texas step up now and act. Texas is run by leaders elected under the Republican banner. This is happening on our watch and we’ll be blamed for failure to act. Keeping Texas Red and keeping Texas secure go hand in hand when it comes to boldly and swiftly securing our border. The delegates at the 2014 Texas GOP convention should work to keep Texas safe and strong by prioritizing and securing Texas borders first and then, and only then, working towards a guest worker program.


Northeast Tarrant Tea Party : Fighting the Texas Amnesty Solution


Conservatives statewide are being called upon to help fight against a plank pushing for amnesty in the TX GOP platform.  The plank outlines several good ideas, and then throws in a few dangerous ones.  Here’s what the Texas Amnesty Solution asks for:


Grassroots Texans: How the ‘Texas Solution’ Facilitates Amnesty


As you may know, Norm Adams’ guest worker / amnesty plan is called ‘The Texas Solution’–and it may very well be the solution to their problems.  If the advocates of amnesty succeed in passing their ‘Texas Solution’ at the Texas Republican Convention, they will very likely be giving themselves all the ammunition they need to pressure the congressional Republicans to pass amnesty into federal law.  If they don’t succeed, it would serve as a clear message that the Texas Republicans are not interested in talking about amnesty or more foreign workers at this point in time.


Phyllis Schlafly: The Guest Worker Racket


Tom Donohue, U.S. Chamber of Commerce president, just hurled a challenge to Republicans. If they don’t pass amnesty for illegal aliens, they “shouldn’t bother to run a candidate in 2016.


Somebody probably told him that outrageous statement was a gaffe, which means the inconvenient revelation of an embarrassing viewpoint, so Donohue tried to pass off his threat as a joke. But it isn’t funny: Donohue’s big-business members want us to import more low-paid workers, and they want them now, suggesting that this fall’s lame duck session of Congress would be a good time to implement this racket.


And it is a racketIt’s a carefully planned, well-financed scheme to use false arguments to import foreign workers who will keep wages depressed for American college graduates.


Ted Cruz Blasts GOP Immigration Plan as ‘Amnesty’


Cruz said the immigration focus should be on border security and streamlining legal immigration. He mentioned another proposal he supported to increase visas for high-skilled workers.  


“In my view we need to secure the borders, we need to stop illegal immigration,” he said. “And we need to improve and streamline legal immigration.”


The freshman senator opposed the comprehensive immigration package passed last year in the Senate, which would have created a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.


Dale Huls: The Texas Solution is a False Hope


One cannot look at the either the 2012 Texas Solution or the Staples-backed 2014 update in a piece-part fashion.  The entire plank is a fraud in that it does not offer any border security or immigration reform solutions to the perceived problem. The premise of this being a “solution” is simply misrepresentation.  The one point that everyone agrees upon is border security.  Yet, border security is addressed as a worthless platitude with no real direction or substance behind it.  It is not specifically directed at the Federal or State level.  This is the same as every Republican politician and candidate claiming he or she is “conservative” to the point where the word has actually lost its value as a descriptor.


Dale Huls: The Texas Two-Step Regarding the Texas Solution


[I]f you believe that the 2014 immigration plank is a continuation of moderate Republican policies that seek to appease progressives and big business, then you must join in the effort to rebuke this approach and provide a real Texas solution. If you believe that Texas border security must be the first step in solving the overall illegal immigration issue, then it is up to you to see that this is the lynchpin of any RPT Platform plank addressing this issue. Rather than offering platitudes regarding border security we should be offering real solutions for securing our border.




The Texas Solution Website:


We did not elect our Congressmen to avoid controversial issues. We elected them to make thoughtful decisions and to lead on the tough ones! Continuing to avoid immigration reform while we bicker about how to secure the border does nothing to find out who is in our house!


Jerry Patterson: Q&A on The Texas Solution


In June 2012, at the Republican Party of Texas Convention in Fort Worth, Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson was the only Republican elected official to speak to the Platform Committee and to the approximately 8,000 member delegation in favor of adopting the “Texas Solution” immigration plank in our Texas Republican Party Platform.  During the floor debate, several key votes were taken on the Texas Solution.  By their votes, Convention delegates voted overwhelmingly to support the Texas Solution. Commissioner Patterson is still supporting the Texas Solution and has submitted the following Q&A in hopes of keeping it in the 2014 RPT platform.


Norm Adams on the Texas Solution


It is time for a solution. That is exactly what 10,000 delegates in 2012 decided. It’s time to quit kicking the can down the road. Let’s have a solution. Our 2010 platform was nothing but a litany of problems, real problems, but there was no solution offered. So in our 2012 platform and hopefully again in our 2014 platform we will have an improved version of the Texas Solution. But we will have a guest worker program. We will have a solution that we can say, “Hey Congress, hey Texas delegation, follow Texas.” Follow Texas – help us keep Texas red! God bless you – thank you for being here.


Lindsey Graham: Growth of Party Requires Immigration Reform


“If it fails and we are blamed for its failure, our party is in trouble with Hispanics, not because we are conservative, but because of the rhetoric and the way we handled this issue,” Graham said. “I want to get reattached to the Hispanic community, to sell conservatism, pass comprehensive immigration reform and grow this party. The party has got to be bigger than Utah and South Carolina. The Hispanic community is close to our values but we have driven them away over this issue.”


Grover Norquist: Immigration Plan a ‘No Brainer’


Right now, the Republican House of Representatives is at loggerheads with the Democrat-controlled Senate and the Obama White House over the question of tax hikes and/or spending restraint. There is one piece of legislation now before Congress that would dramatically reduce the deficit over the next decade. That bill has widespread and bipartisan support from Tea Party leaders like Senator Rand Paul (Republican, Kentucky) and Marco Rubio (Republican, Florida) as well as the US Chamber of Commerce, the AFL-CIO labor federation, and the American Farm Bureau. That deficit-reducing legislation is S744, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013.


Jeb Bush’s Compassionate Message on Immigration:


Jeb Bush is ushering in the return of the compassionate conservative. Addressing an event where his father, former President George H.W. Bush, was being honored, Jeb said that immigrants who come to this country illegally do so as an “act of love” to put food on the table for their families.


Specifically, the former Florida Governor said: “They came to our country because their families — the dad who loved their children was worried that their children didn’t have food on the table. And they wanted to make sure their family was intact, and they crossed the border because they had no other means to work to be able to provide for their family. Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It is an act of love.”







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How ‘The Texas Solution’ Facilitates Amnesty


If you haven’t been paying attention, John Boehner and his “leadership” team have been trying for some time to pass a “comprehensive immigration reform” bill.  Unfortunately for them–and fortunately for the rule of law–polling shows that American voters, and especially the Republican voters are decidedly against any immigration reform proposal that includes amnesty for illegals.


It’s not difficult to see why, given that at least 92 MILLION Americans are currently out of work:


The amount (not seasonally adjusted) of Americans not in the labor force in April rose to 92,594,000, almost 1 million more than the previous month. In March, 91,630,000 Americans were not in the labor force, which includes an aging population that is continuing to head into retirement.


This labor glut has also had an understandable negative effect on American wages:


From 2000 to 2011, a period of disappointing overall wage growth, wages actually fell among every entry-level group regardless of education. Wage losses occurred for each group of entry-level workers between 2000 and 2007, as well as during the recessionary years between 2007 and 2011.


With so many Americans out of work and wages dropping, American voters are understandably puzzled at what many perceive to be a mad rush to expand ‘guest worker’ programs and amnesty proposals.


Whatever Boehner’s motivation may be, he appears bound and determined to make it happen.


According to some, Boehner’s planning to wait until after the Republican primaries. Boehner eyeing mid-June for vote on immigration reform


Outrageous. Not the fact that the House leadership wants to do something on immigration; that’s been common knowledge for 18 months. What’s outrageous is the timing, which, if this AP report is accurate, would confirm our most cynical suspicions about just how gutless and unaccountable Republicans are on this issue. I remember critics predicting last year that Boehner wouldn’t bring something to the floor before the House primaries for fear that a backlash among conservative voters would knock out a bunch of incumbents. He’d wait until just after the primaries had ended to do it, so that conservatives would be powerless to exert any influence over the process.


And sure enough, that’s allegedly exactly what he’s going to do.


Even after the primaries, some of the congressional Republicans are likely to be skittish.  What’s the solution to this quandary?  A group of open-borders Texans think they have a solution.  They are planning to insert a ‘guest worker’ plank (with amnesty) into the Texas Republican platform at the Republican State Convention:


“[W]e will have a guest worker program. We will have a solution that we can say, “Hey Congress, hey Texas delegation, follow Texas.” 


– Norman Adams


As you may know, Norm Adams’ guest worker / amnesty plan is called ‘The Texas Solution’–and it may very well be the solution to their problems.  If the advocates of amnesty succeed in passing their ‘Texas Solution’ at the Texas Republican Convention, they will very likely be giving themselves all the ammunition they need to pressure the congressional Republicans to pass amnesty into federal law.  If they don’t succeed, it would serve as a clear message that the Texas Republicans are not interested in talking about amnesty or more foreign workers at this point in time.


Thus, this is really very simple.  


If you want to encourage Congress to pass amnesty, support Norm Adams’ ‘Texas Solution.’


If you want to discourage Congress from passing amnesty, oppose Norm Adams’ ‘Texas Solution.’









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Thank You, Grandpa Junior

Fellow Patriots:


This is a day we pause to remember the sacrifices that have been laid down for us in order that we can be free.  It is because of the incredible sacrifices of those who have come before that the United States of America is a place where we are free to live up to our full God-given potential.  Most of us try every day to reach that potential and make the most of what God has bestowed upon us–and every day we fail.  Sometimes we fail in small ways, other times in some pretty big ways.  When we fail, we get back up, dust ourselves off, and try again.  We can only hope to get just a little closer every day to realizing the potential in the incredible gifts we have been given by our Father in Heaven.


Speaking personally, I’m not given to “hero worship,” because I know how quickly a human hero can let you down.  That said, Memorial Day is a day I always remember my grandfather, Claude Smith, Jr., who we always knew as “Grandpa Junior.”  As a boy, I never realized that the nice, quiet man I spent so many summer days with was a genuine, honest-to-God, war hero.


I knew, more or less, that my Grandpa Junior had been in the “Air Force” (Army Air Corps) in Europe during World War II, but I never really knew the details.  It was only years later that I learned that my Grandpa Junior hadn’t just been in the Air Corps.  He signed up to serve in one of the most brutal and deadly roles of the Allied Forces–flying insane, death-defying missions over Nazi Germany as a turret gunner on a B-17.


Just so you understand, flying a bombing mission over Germany in a B-17 was very close to a suicide mission.   Once the Nazis were alerted to their approach, anti-aircraft artillery would launch a withering barrage.  In many cases, squadrons of Messerschmidt 109s and Focke-Wulf 190s would come out of the woodwork, swarming the formations and ripping the thin aluminum skins of the B-17s apart with their rockets and 20-mm cannons.  Despite all this chaos, the bombers had to stay on target and complete the mission:


They could expect attacks by fighters armed with machineguns, canon and rockets as well as heavy antiaircraft fire from the ground and even bombs dropped from above. The bombers were expected to maintain their positions at all costs – in order to provide the most effective defensive fire and to assure the most devastating results once their bombs were dropped.


The turret gunners were prime targets.  The turret guns were the bombers’ only line of defense.  Once the turret gunners were taken out, a bomber was easy picking.  Serving in the ball turret under the plane was especially miserable and dangerous, but none of the roles was much fun:


Missions that penetrated deep into enemy territory could last up to eight hours and be filled with anxious anticipation as all eyes searched the skies for enemy defenders….The planes were unheated and open to the outside air. The crew wore electrically heated suits and heavy gloves that provided some protection against temperatures that could dip to 60 degrees below zero. Once above 10,000 feet they donned oxygen masks as the planes continued to climb to their operational level that could be as high as 29,000 feet.


According to records, 12371 B-17s were built during WWII.  Of these, 4750 went down over Europe.  The chance of survival as a crew member was among the lowest in the services–possibly the very lowest:


Prior to 1944, a crewman’s tour of duty was set at 25 missions. As a measure of the hazards they would encounter, it is estimated that the average crewman had only a one in four chance of actually completing his tour of duty.


Just to make the point, according to these numbers, a B-17 crewman did not have a 25% chance of being killed in action.  He had a 25% chance of surviving.  He had a 75% chance of being killed in action.  According to the book “Men of Air – The Doomed Youth of Bomber Command” by Kevin Wilson, incoming bomber crews were told not to make any long-term plans:


“You’re now on an operational squadron, your expectation of life is six weeks.

Go back to your huts and make out your wills.”


So, my Grandpa Junior signed up to serve in one of the most brutal and deadly roles in World War II.  Even after watching other planes go down in flames and watching friends die horrifying deaths, he kept on getting up, strapping himself in, and getting the job done, day after day and mission after mission.  Thankfully, he somehow survived his 25-mission tour of duty.  He had beaten the odds, and was free to return home–but he didn’t.  Even after seeing and living through ordeals that would reduce most of us to emotional mush, Grandpa Junior signed up for additional missions.  Thankfully, he somehow survived those, as well–which is why I’m here today to write this.


My Grandpa Junior came back to the states, raised a family and built a successful business.  He passed away a few years ago, and I regret every day that I didn’t have the good sense to learn more about this amazing hero and his life while he was with us.  If you have someone close to you living in their later years, please don’t make the same mistake I did.  Please take the time to learn all you can about who they have been and the lives they’ve lived.  You won’t regret it.  You will regret failing to do it.  Trust me on this one.


I’m not telling this story to say anything good about myself.  While I might like to think I inherited at least a small measure of my grandfather’s courage and intestinal fortitude, I seriously doubt I’d be able to endure anything close to what he went through.


I tell this story to pay tribute to Grandpa Junior and the countless heroes who have traveled far from home to fight for the freedom of others.  We can’t even come close to repaying the sacrifices they’ve made for the cause of freedom.  We can only do our very best to pay it forward to future generations and make their sacrifices worth it.


Happy Memorial Day, Grandpa.  We miss you.

– Ken Emanuelson

  Editor, The Grassroots Texans Network



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David Dewhurst BUSTED AGAIN? Tea Party Group Denies Endorsement Claimed by Dewhurst


Tea Party Group Denies Endorsement Claimed by Dewhurst


Have you received this latest flyer from David Dewhurst?  If you have, you likely noticed that it’s roughly equal parts “David Dewhurst is awesome” and “Dan Patrick is evil”–i.e., standard establishment incumbent candidate fare.


In contrast, however, to the fraudulent “United Texas Tea Party” mailer recently covered by Breitbart, this mail piece leaves no mystery as to its source:



The front panel proclaims that David Dewhurst provides “leadership you know and trust” and denounces Dan Patrick for “a career of deception.”


So, does David Dewhurst really bring “leadership we can trust”?  Is there some “deception” at play in the Lieutenant Governor’s race?  Let’s see…


One thing jumped out at us in this flyer, and it may have jumped out at you, as well.  At two separate places in the flyer, David Dewhurst clearly claims to be endorsed by Tea Party Express:




We noticed this because we’re fairly attentive to tea party stuff, and none of us had heard that Tea Party Express had endorsed David Dewhurst.  That would be pretty big news in tea party land.


So, we did a Google search for “tea party express endorses david dewhurst.” All we could find was an Open Letter from Texas tea partiers in 2012 telling David Dewhurst to stop falsely claiming tea party support:


You do NOT have Tea Party support: An Open Letter to David Dewhurst


Dear Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst,


As Texas tea party leaders, we reject your campaign’s recent claims that you have earned tea party support…Your dishonest and misleading smear campaign of Ted Cruz, coupled with your recent false claims of tea party support, show clearly that you simply represent the political status quo rather than the leadership we require. 


Old habits die hard, perhaps.


As good as Google is, it doesn’t necessarily catch everything.  We checked the Tea Party Express website.  Under the list of endorsements, we found one–for Texas, for Ben Streusand in TX-36:



Then again, websites aren’t always 100% up-to-date, so Katrina Pierson went straight to the source:



After being invited to support the “United Texas Tea Party” fiasco, Tea Party Express checked with tea partiers in Texas and found that Dan Patrick was the tea party favorite.  According to Sal Russo, the leader of Tea Party Express:


“…after checking around with Tea Party people in Texas, we found that there was mostly support for Patrick over Dewhurst…”


So, after falsely claiming tea party support in 2012, David Dewhurst is once again making a false claim of tea party support in 2014.  This follows on the heels of the pro-Dewhurst “United Texas Tea Party” mailer, that Breitbart has covered and exposed as a fraud.


Unfortunately, most people who received the deceptive mailer will not learn the truth before they vote.  Please spread the word.



PLEASE NOTE: The authors of this piece are, as individuals, supporting Dan Patrick, so readers are encouraged to do their own independent research and confirm the information herein.



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JoAnn Fleming Endorses Bob Hall for Texas Senate District 2

Fellow Grassroots Texans –


We are forwarding below a message from JoAnn Fleming, Two-term Chairman, TX Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee*



Grassroots America Friends in Senate District 2:

Bob Hall and his wife Kay are good people – salt-of-the-earth patriots. They’ve been the target of a disgusting smear campaign of abject lies by the long-time incumbent senator of District 2. I have personally investigated every single lie by reviewing actual court and tax documents and can assure you the allegations are completely untrue – fabricated by a desperate politician.

I want you to know that we desperately need constitutionally conservative leadership in Austin – public servants who will put our state government back into a constitution-sized box to cut regulation and spending. We must get state government back into its proper role – funding only the core constitutional functions of state government – not feeding special interests through corporate welfare handouts.

Texas is 11th in the nation in dependency on federal funds to balance our state budget. We must reverse this addiction to make Texas strong. We need responsible legislators who will stop the “borrow and spend” abuse that has grown our state debt 125% in the last ten years.

We need elected officials who will put the citizens of Texas first. That means jobs and taxpayer services should go to citizens and legal residents, period. Texans cannot afford a social safety net for all who want to jump in, and it is high time for our state officials to get a backbone and live by the oath of office – to uphold the rule of law – all of it, all of the time! 

I am confident Bob Hall is the kind of leader we need in the Texas Senate. He’s smart. He’s tough. He’s a patriot. Unlike his opponent, long-time incumbent Bob Deuell – who is now ranked the most liberal Republican in the Texas Senate – Bob Hall understands state government does not have a revenue problem – it has a spending problem. 

Friends, Bob Hall will never be “for sale” to the special moneyed interests in Austin. Please send a true conservative to the Texas Senate. He’ll stand strong for the people of Texas. In the runoff election going on right now, I urge you to vote for “the Right Bob” – Bob Hall.

JoAnn Fleming

Executive Director, Grassroots America – We the People PAC

Two-term Chairman, TX Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee*

(*this title shown for identification purposes only)

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