The Texas Border Action Plan

A broad coalition of grassroots activists from across Texas has come together to prepare and advocate for a secure border plan they are referring to as ‘The Texas Border Action Plan.’


They publicly announced the Border Action Plan at a press conference today in Austin.

You can download a copy of the Executive Summary, full Action Plan and list of signatories via the links below:


Texas Border Action Plan

Executive Summary

Texas Border Action Plan

Full Document

Texas Border Action Plan




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Huge Turnout for Dallas Liberty Center Grand Opening!

Fellow Patriots:


The Grand Opening of the Dallas Liberty Center last Wednesday Night was a HUGE SUCCESS!  We had about 30-40 fired up patriots and representation from Sen. Ted Cruz’ office as well as the campaigns of Dan Patrick (Lt. Gov.), Ken Paxton (Atty. Gen.), Bob Hall (TX SD2), Don Huffines (TX SD16), John Lawson (TX SD23), Rodney Anderson (TX HD105) and Empower Texans.


If you missed it, here are some photos:


Senate Nominee Bob Hall (SD2)



Senate Nominee John Lawson (SD23) and House Nominee Rodney Anderson (HD 105)


Michelle Smith Speaking for Ken Paxton


Michael Flusche (Sen. Ted Cruz’ office) Cylynda Caviness (Dan Patrick Campaign) and

Russell Ramsland (Park Cities / Preston Hollow Tea Party)


Debbie Wallis and Katrina Pierson


A nice montage from Team Paxton


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ANNOUNCING: The Dallas Liberty Center!


As you may know, a group of Dallas County conservatives, tea partiers and other liberty-minded activists have been working hard preparing a new resource for use by Dallas County conservatives.  After all this effort, we are very proud to announce the launch of…





This is a new resource from, by and for the grassroots.  This is a 400-square foot meeting place, staging area and phone bank.



The Dallas Liberty Center presently features 8 voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) calling stations, each station featuring a full-color LCD screen, full ‘QWERTY’ keyboard and noise-canceling stereo headset.  These calling stations can be programmed with custom surveys and configured to microtarget exactly the types of citizens who would be interested in your message.




The Dallas Liberty Center also features an office area with two printers: a full-color letter-size laser printer and a wide-format color inkjet.  The laser printer is perfect for printing color flyers and postcards.  The wide-format inkjet can print banners and signs up to 13″ tall.



The Dallas Liberty Center is fully-stocked with paper, pens, clipboards and other important supplies:



The Dallas Liberty Center is located at 9102 Garland Road, Dallas, 75218, in the Lozano Enterprises building:



Going forward, local activists will be using the Dallas Liberty Center to reach out to our fellow citizens in Dallas and talk to them about the issues that most concern them.  This center is there for use by the grassroots.  The organizers have worked hard to get it ready, and want to see it put to good use.


If you have an effort or project that you think might be suitable for the Liberty Center, just contact to learn more!




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The Grassroots Texans SD4 Runoff Endorsements Summary






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URGENT: Ted Cruz Needs Your Help – Please Call Congress Now – No Amnesty!




(202) 224-3121







They’re at it AGAIN.  The House Leadership is trying to force through a “fig leaf” bill that would do nothing to address the border crisis.  Thankfully, Ted Cruz is standing strong.  He has a proposal to seriously address the border crisis.  He needs YOUR HELP to ensure the House Leadership doesn’t sneak through a bad bill giving Barack Obama everything he wants with no strings attached.  THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN.


(202) 224-3121





(202) 224-3121


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The Grand Prairie Border Relocation Center – How to Contact the Decisionmakers


As you know, Grand Prairie ISD is looking very seriously at a proposal to host a relocation center for thousands undocumented aliens crossing the border from Mexico, many of whom are children and teenagers.


It was clear from the information presented at the July 17th meeting of the GPISD Board that the preliminary ground work to use the GPISD’s Lamar Alternative Education facility (MAP) is moving forward in earnest.  According to the presentations by GPISD witnesses, plans are being prepared for renovation of the facility, including but not limited to the installation of sprinkler systems and other safety upgrades.


Nonetheless, the official position of the GPISD is that a final official decision has not yet been made.


The person who will have the most control over the final decision is Grand Prairie ISD President Terry Brooks.



To our knowledge, President Brooks has not yet made a decision on the proposed relocation center.  We have no doubt he is very interested in making a decision in the best interest of the people of Grand Prairie and the GPISD children under his care.


If you have feedback to share on this decision, or you would like to know where the board members stand, President Brooks and the other members of the GPISD Board can be reached via the contact information included below.  As always, if you contact them, please be POLITE, CALM and INFORMED.  This is an emotional topic, but we and our community are best served when we speak with logic and reason, armed with verifiable facts.


Name Title Phone Email
Terry Brooks Board President 972-262-0560
Burke Hall  Board Vice President 214-505-8878
Chester McCrary Board Secretary 972-642-8587 
Katrina Jones Place 3 972-595-2877
Steve Pryor Place 7 972-263-4628
Mike Skinner Place 6 972.642.4240 
John David Stewart Board Member 214-457-8478




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News Digest: Clay Jenkins Pushing Forward on Border Detainee Relocation Plan


KHOU: A day with Clay: Judge Jenkins sells his plan to shelter border kids 


Since announcing his plan to bring 2,000 undocumented immigrant children to Dallas County, Jenkins’ life has become hectic, including trips to the Rio Grande Valley to witness the problem; he’s met with the president and become the self-imposed leader of a spiritual movement to serve children whose lives have been turned upside-down.


NBCDFW: Dallas County Immigrant Housing Plans Advance


Arrangements to house around 2,000 immigrant children in Dallas County advanced Wednesday as demonstrators spoke out against a Texas senator’s plan to deport the children faster.


Contractors hired by the federal government were seen at Hulcy Middle School on Polk Street south of Interstate 20.


The unused school is one of three sites offered in Dallas County to serve as temporary immigrant processing facilities but none have been officially approved yet.


Dallas Morning News: Dallas County Judge Sticks by Obama


In a state where a politician can make a name for himself by picking a fight with President Barack Obama, Jenkins has chosen another path. He has backed or replicated some of Obama’s most prominent initiatives, on issues such as health care, the minimum wage and the Texas voter ID law.


It’s a risky strategy for a Texan, even a Democrat, and even in Dallas County, with its strong Democratic majority. The efforts have raised Jenkins’ political profile, but they’ve angered Republicans and could test how truly blue the county has become.


Dallas Morning News: Immigrant Plan Moves Clay Jenkins out of John Wiley Price’s Shadow 


Jenkins did not seek a vote from fellow commissioners, but he wants to have community meetings on the issue. Neither Price nor any other local politico was behind his decision. In fact, if anybody deserves the title of puppet master, by Jenkins’ telling, it’s his 8-year-old daughter, Madeleine.


She urged her father to get involved after watching accounts of the unaccompanied children flooding across the border, he said Saturday, adding that she even offered to share the family’s Highland Park home with a few of the young girls in peril.


“She was excited about playing with some of the girls,” Jenkins said.

What supporters and critics alike don’t know about Jenkins is that he’s extremely confident in his ability to solve problems, local, state or national.


CBS DFW: Immigration Shelters Put Jenkins in Hot Seat


Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins promised last week to house thousands of children who are desperate to cross the border into the United States. The announcement sent shockwaves across North Texas and throughout the nation. But does Jenkins actually have the power to do it?


When county officials first revealed that thousands of immigrant children might be sheltered in Dallas County, there was also a word that public input would be a part of the process. But, so far, no public forums have been scheduled. The issue is seeing a lot of discussion, however, at Dallas County Commissioners Court on Tuesday


Dallas Morning News: Jenkins Sticks to Goal of Opening Immigrant Shelters in July


Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said Wednesday that he expects the federal government to use all three local buildings identified as potential shelters for immigrant children from Central America.

Jenkins also said he’s sticking with his goal of having the children arrive by the end of July, even though time could be running short to meet that target.


Federal crews have already begun walking through the buildings — two unused schools and a county warehouse — to assess their readiness and prepare to convert them into shelters. Renovation could start this weekend, Jenkins said.


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PUBLIC MEETING: Clay Jenkins Relocating Thousands of Illegal Aliens to Dallas County


This is Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins:





Jenkins is planning to relocate thousands of illegal aliens from the Texas border up to Dallas County.  They are to be housed in at least three relocation centers in Dallas County–two in Dallas and one in Grand Prairie.




The Obama Administraition has kept most details of the relocation under wraps, but it appears that the planned Grand Prairie location is Lamar Alternative Education Program on Walnut Street in Grand Prairie.  It is our understanding that Grand Prairie ISD owns and controls the Lamar Alternative Education facility.




There will be a meeting of the Grand Prairie ISD Board on Thursday night at 7:00 pm. in the Board Room at the Education Center, 2602 South Belt Line Road, Grand Prairie, Texas.  


If you speak at the meeting, please be polite and smart, but you do have a right to free speech, and this is a chance to use it..



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Friday Night: First-Hand Reports on Texas Border Crisis



From: JoAnn Fleming and Ken Emanuelson


To: Texas Grassroots Activists


Subject: Grassroots America and Grassroots Texans Network will co-host a conference call on Friday evening with Texas State Representatives Matt Schaefer, Jonathan Stickland, Giovanni Capriglione, and James White.


Call Date:  Friday, June 27, 2014


Call Time:  6 PM – 7 PM


Call-in number:  1-626-677-3000 


Access Code:  347970  


Purpose:  Briefing on the Texas Border Crisis


This is NOT a tele-townhall.  There will be no Q&A period for this call. Rather, this is an opportunity for you to hear from some of the representatives who have been to the border to see the crisis firsthand.  You will hear facts about proposed solutions, including the DPS surge.  


Representative Matt Schaefer has spent many hours researching the legal aspects regarding border security, including the use of our state guard.  It is important to gain an understanding of the constitutional authority of the state and federal government as this crisis increases in intensity – with no end in sight.  Representative Schaefer will engage his House colleagues in a spirited discussion and briefing you don’t want to miss!  Be sure to call in early before the conference line fills up!



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Rep. Pete Sessions for GOP Majority Leader?

After being defeated in the Virginia primary on Tuesday, Eric Cantor has announced he is stepping down as GOP Majority Leader.  This leaves an opening, and Texas / Florida congressman Pete Sessions has announced his intention to seek the position.  


Whoever you may decide to support for House Majority Leader, please call your congressman and open the conversation:

(202) 224-3121


Back to the topic at hand, would Pete Sessions be a good choice for House GOP Majority Leader?  Let’s take a look…


Sessions’ Support for Immigration Amnesty:


It is reported that the key issue that brought Eric Cantor down was his support of immigration amnesty.  Pete Sessions has also been identified by immigration watchdog NumbersUSA as a supporter of immigration amnesty and an opponent of border security.  According to ALIPAC, Pete Sessions has not always been especially forthcoming on his views on amnesty:


Pete Sessions had a lot of people really fooled into thinking he was a supporter of America’s existing border and immigration laws,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “We were shocked to find out he is one of the Republican sellouts trying to change our existing laws to ‘accommodate’ and legalize millions of illegal aliens who would eventually permanently degrade America’s borders, laws, Constitution, and elections!


In 2013, Sessions was captured on video endorsing legalization of illegal aliens.


Pete Sessions’ Support for NSA Domestic Surveillance: In 2013, Pete Sessions voted against the Amash Amendment that would have reined in the NSA warrantless spying program on Americans. The amendment would have restricted the Obama Administration’s ability to conduct blanket data collection on Americans without a warrant–but Sessions voted against the restriction and couldn’t explain why.


Pete Sessions on ObamaCare: “We Don’t Want to Stop It”: Instead of standing with Ted Cruz and other conservatives for real healthcare reform, Pete Sessions repeatedly blocked efforts to even take a floor vote on defunding ObamaCare.  It was only after being challenged in the primary that Sessions was willing to allow a vote on defunding ObamaCare. Before that, Sessions was telling constituents he “didn’t want to stop” ObamaCare.  Challenged by constituents on his moves to prevent defunding of ObamaCare, Sessions responded, “I sure did,” and told them, “I’m the problem.”


Pete Sessions’ Voting Record on Federal Spending:  Pete Sessions’ voting record on federal spending generally places him in the 70-75% range, which means he votes the conservative direction on key votes approximately three times out of four.  Pete Sessions may not be the biggest spender in the GOP caucus, but he’s far from a penny-pincher.


A sampling of Sessions’ recent scores from key taxpayer watchdog groups:


Freedomworks 75%
Heritage Action 70%
Club for Growth 73%
National Taxpayers’ Union (Lifetime) 74%


A few big-dollar spending bills backed by Pete Sessions:


The Wall Street Bailout: Pete Sessions voted in 2008 to spend billions in tax dollars to bail out Wall Street.  Pete Sessions and Kay Granger were the only two North Texas Republicans to support the Wall Street Bailout.


Food Stamp and Farm Bill: Pete Sessions recently voted for the 949-page, TRILLION-dollar “Food Stamp and Farm Bill” without even giving Congress or the American public the chance to read it.  The bill created new subsidy programs, eliminated 80 percent of earlier savings in the food stamp program and gutted even modest work requirements present in earlier versions.


Omnibus Spending Bill of 2014: Pete Sessions also voted for the $1.1 TRILLION, 1,582-page Omnibus Spending Bill of 2014—again, without giving the American public the chance to read it. The bill codified the Ryan-Murray budget deal and hiked federal government spending across the board.


Fiscal Cliff Deal: Pete Sessions voted for the New Year’s Day 2013 “fiscal cliff” deal that raised taxes on an estimated 77 percent of U.S. households–with even higher taxes on upper income Americans.





Whoever you may think might be the best House Majority Leader, please call your congressman and open the conversation:

(202) 224-3121


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