PLEASE Thank the 19 Heroes of Texas!



Fellow Grassroots Texans –


On Tuesday, January 13th, 19 brave Texas patriots stood up, on record, for a change in the corrupt status quo in Austin.  They challenged the sitting Speaker of the Texas House, knowing full well that victory was not likely.  They also knew that their stance would put them on the outs with Joe Straus, the third most powerful man in Texas government.  Knowing all this, they made their stand–because they knew it was the right thing to do.


They did the right thing on Tuesday, and it is incumbent upon the rest of us to remember their courage and to let each of them know how much we appreciate their stand.  Please take the time, right now, to call the 19 brave men and women who stood up for

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2014 – A Great Year for Liberty!




2014: Another Great Year for Liberty in Texas!


We have known, and said, from the beginning that our struggle with the political Establishment (of both parties) would be a long-term effort, a sustained marathon rather than a short sprint.  We advance on certain fronts, retreat on others.  We win some b

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News Digest on Texas Speakers’ Race



A selection of this week’s news items on the Texas House Speaker race:


WFAA: Cathie Adams Responds to Jason Villalba


Bud Kennedy asked [Jason] Villalba whether he’s concerned that someone in the Tea Party might run against him since Villalba supports Joe Straus for House Speaker rather than the Tea Party favorite and Frisco Republican Scott Turner. Villalba dismissed it and called several people, including Cathie Adams, president of the Texas Eagle Forum, “goons.” Adams appeared this week to respond to those allegations and explain how Turner still has a chance to beat Straus.



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Why Not Joe Straus? Here’s Why Not…


Fellow Patriots:


Despite the vigorous conversation going on in Texas, some Texas Republicans are still asking the question: “So, what’s wrong with Joe Straus as Speaker?


The answer is quite simple.  If Joe Straus is reelected as Speaker of the Texas House, he will continue his pattern of obstruction, and Texas conservatives will be forced to endure another frustrating session during which conservative legislation is killed while Democrat-sponsored legislation moves forward.  A partial list of reforms that will not likely see the light of day under Speaker Straus include:


Elimination of ‘Sanctuary’ Policies Tying the Hands of Law Enforcement

Expanded School Choice Opportunities

Employment Verification for State Employees and Contractors

Expanded Se

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Congratulations and Thank You!

Fellow Patriots –


I write to offer my congratulations to Texas’ Governor-elect Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor-elect Dan Patrick, Attorney General-elect Ken Paxton and all the other newly-elected statewide candidates.


Locally, huge congratulations are in order for new Senators-Elect Don Huffines, Bob Hall, Van Taylor and Konni Burton, as well as new Representatives-elect Matt Rinaldi, Rodney Anderson, Linda Koop, Morgan Meyer and Matt Shaheen, most of whom fought very tough primaries to get where they are.


At the county level, District Attorney-elect Susan Hawk waged a tough, brilliant campaign and came out the winner countywide.


While we congratulate the victors, we should remember to sincerely thank all the candidates

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Dallas County Early Voting Report – FINAL – Anybody’s Ball Game


After being caught unawares by an unexpectedly high Republican / conservative turnout in the first week of early voting, the Dallas County Democrats have been pulling out all the stops to turn out the Democrat vote in South Dallas–with some level of success.


Based on our review of the early voting tallies, their efforts have borne some fruit.  At the close of early voting, our analysis shows that the Democrats have turned out approximately 19,000 more known Democrat partisans (Democratic primary voters): 



It should be noted that these numbers, taken by themselves, overstate the level of Democratic turnout, owing to the fact that there are approximately 100,000 more identified Democrats than identified Repu

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Dallas County Early Voting Report – Week 1: Democrats Have Slight (1.3%) Edge Among Known Partisans


PLEASE NOTE: These are the results as of the close of polls on Sunday, October 26.  The countywide numbers may be substantially different at this point.


Amid a generally-dismal political environment nationally, the early voting numbers may be bringing some comfort for the Dallas County Democrats.


As of close of the polls Sunday, just under 86,000 votes had been cast in early voting.  Of these, it appears that Democrats have a slight edge over Republicans in turnout among voters having a primary voting history for one party or the other:



If it can be assumed that the voters with a Democrat primary voting history have voted predominantly for Democratic candidates and

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If You Like Clay Jenkins, You Can Keep Clay Jenkins

This is Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins:



When Clay Jenkins took power in 2010, Dallas County Elections was run by Bruce Sherbet, one of the top election administrators in the United States.  Sherbet was recognized across the country by Republicans, Democrats and independents for his integrity and honesty in running fair elections.


Immediately after Jenkins took power, Clay Jenkins and John Wiley Price ousted Bruce Sherbet.


“Why is County Judge Gunning for Bruce Sherbet?”


Despite protests from both sides of the political aisle and many questions, Clay Jenkins and John Wiley Price could never explain they ousted Bruce Sherbet from Dallas County electi

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Urgent News on Dallas County November Election

Friends and Fellow Patriots:


After going over some poll numbers, we have GOOD news and BAD news for those who are hoping to see a change in Dallas County government this election.


The GOOD news is that the polling shows that there are 7% more conservatives than liberals among the voters polled.


The BAD news is that this was a poll specifically-targeted to low-propensity voters–the voters least likely to vote this November.


PLEASE CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE Dallas County Get-Out-the-Vote Team! 


The volunteers at the Dallas Liberty Center are

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Had Enough of Liberal Progressive Governance? Here’s How to Stop it!




If the Dallas County elections were a football game, this would be the 4th Quarter, with the progressive team holding a small lead over the conservatives, hoping to run out the clock.


Dallas County conservatives need a TOUCHDOWN–just a few more points–to win the county in 2014. The goal line is just a few yards away–but THE CLOCK IS TICKING.


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