PLEASE Thank the 19 Heroes of Texas!



Fellow Grassroots Texans –


On Tuesday, January 13th, 19 brave Texas patriots stood up, on record, for a change in the corrupt status quo in Austin.  They challenged the sitting Speaker of the Texas House, knowing full well that victory was not likely.  They also knew that their stance would put them on the outs with Joe Straus, the third most powerful man in Texas government.  Knowing all this, they made their stand–because they knew it was the right thing to do.


They did the right thing on Tuesday, and it is incumbent upon the rest of us to remember their courage and to let each of them know how much we appreciate their stand.  Please take the time, right now, to call the 19 brave men and women who stood up for the future of Texas and let them know that you will remember their brave act:


Rep. Scott Turner, Dist 33 — 512-463-0484


Rep. Rodney Anderson, Dist 105 — 512-463-0641

Rep. Dustin Burrows, Dist 83 — 512-463-0542

Rep. Pat Fallon, Dist 106 — 512-463-0694

Rep. Bryan Hughes, Dist 5 — 512-463-0271

Rep. Mark Keough, Dist 15 — 512-463-0797

Rep. Stephanie Klick, Dist 91 — 512-463-0599

Rep. Matt Krause, Dist 93 — 512-463-0562

Rep. Jeff Leach, Dist 67 — 512-463-0544

Rep. Matt Rinaldi, Dist 115 — 512-463-0468

Rep. Scott Sanford, Dist 70 — 512-463-0356

Rep. Matt Schaefer, Dist 6 — 512-463-0584

Rep. Matt Shaheen, Dist 66 — 512-463-0594

Rep. David Simpson, Dist 7 — 512-463-0750

Rep. Stuart Spitzer, Dist 4 — 512-463-0458

Rep. Jonathan Stickland, Dist 92 — 512-463-0522

Rep. Tony Tinderholt, Dist 94 — 512-463-0624

Rep. Molly White, District 55 — 512-463-0630

Rep. Bill Zedler, Dist 96 — 512-463-0374



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2014 – A Great Year for Liberty!




2014: Another Great Year for Liberty in Texas!


We have known, and said, from the beginning that our struggle with the political Establishment (of both parties) would be a long-term effort, a sustained marathon rather than a short sprint.  We advance on certain fronts, retreat on others.  We win some battles, and lose others.  


Most of us have abandoned the naive idea that we have permanent “friends” and “enemies” in this struggle.  We form alliances as necessary to advance our core principles, and declare war on those who act against the very ideals they cynically claim to embrace.  This movement is not–and has never been–about personality or party.  This is–and has always been–a movement built on principle.


While our movement is not permanently aligned with any party or politician, our cause is advanced when those candidates most closely aligned with our ideas and principles succeed at the polls.  By that measure, 2014 was a banner year for our grassroots pro-liberty movement.  Across the state in 2014, grassroots pro-liberty candidates defeated better-funded establishment candidates.


GRASSROOTS VICTORY #1: Whether they ran under the banner of “tea party,” “grassroots,” “pro-liberty” or “conservative,” candidates running as grassroots reform-minded challengers dominated at the polls across the State of Texas.  We collected many of the news reports here.





Through our Statewide Grassroots Events Calendar, The Grassroots Texans Network promoted 250 grassroots events in 2014, sending out thousands of email invitations for each event, hundreds of thousands of invitations in total.


If you have a grassroots event to promote, please feel free to submit it HERE.





Unfortunately, many of the primary runoffs got very nasty and personal.  Although the Grassroots Texans Network does not expressly endorse political candidates, we did feel it appropriate to make a statement in opposition to the nasty personal attacks being leveled in the Lieutenant Governor race, and published a letter opposing the personal attacks.


We are hopeful that a sustained, loud and firm message against such shameful tactics will ultimately see their end.  In 2014, in race after race, the people largely rejected political smear tactics and rewarded the campaigns that stayed focused on issues and ideas.


The 2014 runoffs saw the use of another increasingly-popular campaign tactic: the mysterious “tea party” endorsement mailer.  (Example here.)


We investigated the “United Texas Tea Party” mailer and were unable to find any legitimate organization behind it.  We posted a summary of our initial investigation here.  We continued to investigate, and ultimately learned that the mailer was completely fraudulent.


Later in the campaign season, the one statewide campaign sent out a mailer claiming the endorsement of a prominent tea party PAC.  Upon investigation, we found that the claim was false and that the PAC organizers expressly denied any such endorsement:


As noted above, The Grassroots Texans Network DOES NOT, as an organization, endorse political candidates and DID NOT endorse any particular candidate for any statewide office in 2014.  We do, however, think it very important that political candidates be exposed for falsely claiming endorsements they have not in fact received.  We believe that this vigilance is particularly important for any claims of “tea party” endorsements.  Going into next year, we will continue to do our best to keep the candidates and their campaigns honest and focused on the issues.





Going into mid-year, the “smart money” was betting that the advocates of amnesty would see the “Texas Solution” amnesty plan written into the 2014 platform of the Republican Party of Texas.  It was no secret that House Speaker John Boehner was eyeing mid-June for a vote on a federal amnesty plan, and the passage of the “Texas Solution” at the Texas Republican Convention would have given the Republicans all the political cover they needed to pass an amnesty plan in Congress.  We laid out the stakes here.


As proponents and opponents weighed in, we tried to keep track of the discussion, publishing a digest of pro- and con- here.


On June 9th, leading into the state convention, we published a letter signed by Admiral James A Lyons, Lt. General William G. Boykin and Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. imploring the Republican delegates to firmly oppose the Texas Solution.  


This letter was also printed in hardcopy and distributed to the convention delegates.


GRASSROOTS VICTORY #2: Ultimately, our efforts, combined with with the efforts of hundreds of others, were successful in killing the “Texas Solution” amnesty proposal and adding a pro-border, pro-enforcement plank to the party platform.  The full story is too much to include here, but we published Dale Huls’ excellent recount here.


Although The Grassroots Texans Network was only one part of the anti-amnesty coalition, we are proud to have played a significant role in killing the pro-amnesty “Texas Solution.”




Later in June, when the Texas Border Crisis was at its peak, we hosted a statewide tele-townhall featuring Matt Schaefer, Jonathan Stickland, Giovanni Capriglione, and James White.  Over 150 patriots from across the state dialed in to participate.


In July, we helped to organize and promote a press conference in the Texas State Capitol featuring pro-border activists from across the state calling on Texas Governor Rick Perry to call a special session and deploy additional resources to the Texas-Mexico border.  


GRASSROOTS VICTORY #3: In reponse to the outcry from the Texas grassroots, Governor Perry deployed additional law enforcement and National Guard resources to the border.


We followed this effort up in August 

with the publication and promotion of the Texas Border Action Plan authored by a committee of tea party and grassroots activists across the state.


In mid-July, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins announced that he was organizing the preparation of three illegal immigrant relocation centers in Dallas County.  The Grassroots Texans Network worked to organize opposition to the plan via a series of news summaries, alerts and calls to action.


GRASSROOTS VICTORY #4: Owing in large part to the sustained grassroots opposition to the relocation plan, Judge Jenkins’ relocation plan was withdrawn.





Moving into August, we trained our sights on the effort to boost conservative voter turnout in Dallas County.  This effort centered around the establishment and promotion of the Dallas Liberty Center, an independent, pro-liberty, grassroots campaign center in Dallas:


In addition to the promotion of the Dallas Liberty Center, we did what we could to highlight why the 2014 midyear elections were so critically important to the future of Dallas County, including the distribution of reports, alerts and calls to action.


As early voting progressed, we watched the returns closely, and published two detailed reports on the partisan breakdown of the voting population, one after the first week of early voting, and one at the end of early voting.


Ultimately, the voters of Dallas County returned County Judge Clay Jenkins to office.  They did, however, retire District Attorney Craig Watkins, putting Republican Susan Hawk in his place.





With Election Day behind us, The Grassroots Texans Network shifted gears to focus on the Texas Speakers’ race.  Many low-information Republicans had been asking, “Why Not Joe Straus?”  We answered that question HERE.  Later in November, we published a news digest on the Speakers’ race HERE.


GRASSROOTS VICTORY?: The outcome of the Texas House Speakers’ race still remains to be seen, but whoever wins, we will have a record floor vote on the Texas House Speaker for the first time in decades.  Every House member will have to cast a vote, pro or con, on the continued leadership of Joe Straus.  That, in and of itself, is a VICTORY.





Going forward, we will be continuing our fight to clean up Texas state government, advance pro-liberty, conservative principles, and expose politicians who are fond of saying one thing and doing another.  We thank you for your unyielding efforts for the State of Texas and we humbly ask for your continued help and support in this endeavor.




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News Digest on Texas Speakers’ Race



A selection of this week’s news items on the Texas House Speaker race:


WFAA: Cathie Adams Responds to Jason Villalba


Bud Kennedy asked [Jason] Villalba whether he’s concerned that someone in the Tea Party might run against him since Villalba supports Joe Straus for House Speaker rather than the Tea Party favorite and Frisco Republican Scott Turner. Villalba dismissed it and called several people, including Cathie Adams, president of the Texas Eagle Forum, “goons.” Adams appeared this week to respond to those allegations and explain how Turner still has a chance to beat Straus.




The vast majority of the Republicans who have endorsed Straus campaigned as pro-life candidates. The powerful Calendars Committee, which operates as a gatekeeper before bills can reach the floor for a debate and vote, is dominated by Straus allies, including its chair. The question remains whether the 84th Legislative Session under Straus’ control once again will allow pro-life bills to move forward or if pro-life advocates will continue to find the Members’ claims of dedication to conservative principles ringing hollow and false.


Empower Texans: Straus Creates More Border Insecurity


Continuing his pattern of undermining conservatives and deceiving voters, House Speaker Joe Straus is poised to unravel the state’s border security operations on Dec. 1, while giving Democrats a political tool to use against conservatives. Due to Straus’ opposition, the state’s celebrated “border surge” is set to end in March rather than receive full funding through the end of the fiscal year.


Houston Chronicle: Turner wants Straus to help request vote on speaker


In a letter dated Monday, Turner, R-Frisco, asks Straus, R-San Antonio, to help him write to Secretary of State Nandita Berry requesting a floor vote in the speaker’s election. Turner has also reached out to Rep. Charlie Geren, a Straus ally who has expressed a desire for members to go on the record about whom they support.


Texas House Speaker Nears Re-election Despite Abortion Stance


Turner, reports Breitbart, has a stronger record on pro-life issues. The website reported earlier this month that Straus has not voted on any crucial abortion-regulation bills since he became speaker. He also, according to the report, did not allow any pro-life bills to come to the House floor during last year’s regular session.




Scott Turner is a former NFL player who now serves the people of Frisco and Rockwall as a state representative. At 5’9” and 180 pounds, not many believed Turner would ever walk onto an NFL football field, but he promised his mother he would, and he kept his promise. Keeping promises is a lesson Turner learned from his father who also taught him about discipline and humility. These are traits that would serve the people of Texas well, should he prevail in this next goal in his life.


Texas Tribune: Last Contested Vote for Texas House Speaker Was in 1975


“I think by running the speaker’s race and taking it to the floor and finishing it, liberation comes,” Turner said in a speech posted online last month. “Because now everyone is held accountable, everybody puts their name on who they would like to be the speaker and then we get to work for the people of Texas. Why do I say liberation? Because then all smoke and mirrors is sucked out of the room.”


AgendaWise: Freedomworks endorses Turner, Statesman shills for Straus


These talking points are attacks from the right that claim Turner is insufficiently conservative. This is a strange choice considering everyone in Texas politics, including the writer of the Statesman story, admits Turner is by far the more conservative of the two Speaker candidates. If Turner isn’t conservative enough for the Statesman, they must consider Straus a communist by comparison.


Texas GOP Vote: Is the Republican Delegation of the State of Texas for Sale?


One could say that our delegation of Texas State Representatives have been bought with a price, too. Not one as noble as the price that Christ paid for our sins. What I’m talking about here is their vote for the Texas Speaker of the House, bought and paid for by current Speaker of the House, Joe Straus. Follow the money, especially all the lobbyist money Straus distributes with strong strings attached.


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Why Not Joe Straus? Here’s Why Not…


Fellow Patriots:


Despite the vigorous conversation going on in Texas, some Texas Republicans are still asking the question: “So, what’s wrong with Joe Straus as Speaker?


The answer is quite simple.  If Joe Straus is reelected as Speaker of the Texas House, he will continue his pattern of obstruction, and Texas conservatives will be forced to endure another frustrating session during which conservative legislation is killed while Democrat-sponsored legislation moves forward.  A partial list of reforms that will not likely see the light of day under Speaker Straus include:


Elimination of ‘Sanctuary’ Policies Tying the Hands of Law Enforcement

Expanded School Choice Opportunities

Employment Verification for State Employees and Contractors

Expanded Self-Defense Rights on Texas College Campuses

Restrictions on Welfare Benefits to Illegal Aliens

Restriction of ‘Abortion on Demand’ in Texas

Strict Constitutional Spending Limits

Zero-based Budgeting

Franchise Tax (a.k.a. Gross Margins Tax) Elimination

Property Tax Reform

Protections from Tax Increases

Requiring Legislators to Disclose Government Contracts

Ending Gas Tax/Highway Fund Diversions

Eliminating Corporate Welfare Programs

Requiring Transparency Provisions for Local Bond Elections

Eliminating Pensions for Convicted Former Legislators


Simply put, a vote for Joe Straus is a vote to KILL the types of conservative reform legislation that strong majorities of Texans support.


If your State Representative votes for Joe Straus, your State Rep is voting to KILL conservative policy ideas in the Texas House.


You don’t have to take our word for it.  A wide variety of outlets have reported on Joe Straus’ horrible record as Texas House Speaker.  A partial list:


Dr. Mark Jones: Red State, Purple Legislation


Forbes: Meet the Harry Reid of Texas


Wall Street Journal: Texas Goes Sacramento


Politifact: Planned Parenthood Thanked Joe Straus after Session


Empower Texans: The Joe Straus Record


Speaker Straus: Painting Texas Purple 


Empower Texans: ‘Obstructionist


RedState: ‘Corruption’


Empower Texans: ‘Ethics’ Chair Admits: Attacking Conservatives to Appease Straus Team


RedState: The Myth of Joe Straus


RedState: Joe Straus’ War Against Conservatives


RedState: Conservatives: Joe Straus is Not Your Friend



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Congratulations and Thank You!

Fellow Patriots –


I write to offer my congratulations to Texas’ Governor-elect Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor-elect Dan Patrick, Attorney General-elect Ken Paxton and all the other newly-elected statewide candidates.


Locally, huge congratulations are in order for new Senators-Elect Don Huffines, Bob Hall, Van Taylor and Konni Burton, as well as new Representatives-elect Matt Rinaldi, Rodney Anderson, Linda Koop, Morgan Meyer and Matt Shaheen, most of whom fought very tough primaries to get where they are.


At the county level, District Attorney-elect Susan Hawk waged a tough, brilliant campaign and came out the winner countywide.


While we congratulate the victors, we should remember to sincerely thank all the candidates who put their lives on hold to seek public office, especially Ron Natinsky, Emmanuel Lewis, Bishop John Lawson, Lisa DeWitt and Mike Lee, but truly each and every candidate who was willing to put themselves out there deserves our sincere thanks and continued encouragement.


Our sincerest thanks go out to David Carruth, Russ Ramsland and Jeffrey Kowitz, who lead the 1836 PAC, along with Helen May Nichols, Marjorie Ford, Patrick & Cherie Roughneen, Sammy Walker, Ivette Lozano, Joanne Kerston, Mindy Paine, Beth Hollingsworth, Jana Lyons, Tillie Perkins, Judy Bowlby, Dave Johnson, Emanuel Lewis, Misty Woodruff, Jeannie Forrest, Patti Jones and all the volunteers and supporters who made the Dallas Liberty Center possible.


Of course, a very special thanks goes out to Sue Glover.  Sue organized precinct walks and phone bank efforts to reach voters across the county, distributing tens of thousands of door hangers and making tens of thousands of phone calls.  Without Sue’s tireless effort at the Dallas Liberty Center, we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish even a small fraction of the work we did this election season.


At the national and state level, a great many things went well for conservatives this election.  Locally, things did not go so well.  Our challenge going forward will be to replicate and expand on our successes and correct our missteps.  For now, we can be satisfied in hard fought battles and many chances to hone our skills.


Thanks again, to everyone, for everything,

– Ken Emanuelson


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Dallas County Early Voting Report – FINAL – Anybody’s Ball Game


After being caught unawares by an unexpectedly high Republican / conservative turnout in the first week of early voting, the Dallas County Democrats have been pulling out all the stops to turn out the Democrat vote in South Dallas–with some level of success.


Based on our review of the early voting tallies, their efforts have borne some fruit.  At the close of early voting, our analysis shows that the Democrats have turned out approximately 19,000 more known Democrat partisans (Democratic primary voters): 



It should be noted that these numbers, taken by themselves, overstate the level of Democratic turnout, owing to the fact that there are approximately 100,000 more identified Democrats than identified Republicans in Dallas County.


In addition to the identified partisans, 64,079 voters have cast ballots in early voting.  As noted in our prior turnout report, there are many different methods of estimating the partisan makeup of the unknown voters.  Depending on the specific turnout model employed, the unknown voters may be slightly biased toward the Democrats, heavily-biased toward the Republicans, or somewhere in between:



Which of the above models is closest to accurate?  It’s difficult to say.  One of the difficulties in modeling 2014 turnout is that the precinct lines were redrawn in 2012.  Thus, it can be complicated to model turnout in the new precincts without using 2012 data, but presidential year patterns (’08, ’12) are generally very different than mid-year patterns (’10, ’14).


We think it is very likely that the actual vote totals lie somewhere in between Model #1 and Model #5, above, and likely closest to Model #4.  If so, this places the two parties nearly even in Early Voting turnout, meaning that every vote will count on Election Day.


If you haven’t already voted, please vote on Tuesday–and please encourage everyone you know to vote–and to vote in every contested race.




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Dallas County Early Voting Report – Week 1: Democrats Have Slight (1.3%) Edge Among Known Partisans


PLEASE NOTE: These are the results as of the close of polls on Sunday, October 26.  The countywide numbers may be substantially different at this point.


Amid a generally-dismal political environment nationally, the early voting numbers may be bringing some comfort for the Dallas County Democrats.


As of close of the polls Sunday, just under 86,000 votes had been cast in early voting.  Of these, it appears that Democrats have a slight edge over Republicans in turnout among voters having a primary voting history for one party or the other:



If it can be assumed that the voters with a Democrat primary voting history have voted predominantly for Democratic candidates and that the voters with a Republican primary voting history have voted predominantly for Republican candidates, this is likely welcome news for Dallas County Democrats.  They’re up by 864 votes (1.3%) in that matchup.


In addition to the 65,374 voters with a primary voting history, another 20,497 voters who have no primary history have cast a ballot .  Any of these voters could be aligned with either party, or with none.  They are question marks.


Using three different methods of analysis based on prior voting patterns, we’ve generated three estimates of the partisan makeup of these unidentified voters.



The upper bar above is the estimate based on an assumption that the unknown voters in each precinct can be allocated according to the proportions of the vote to Romney and Obama in the same precinct in 2012, recalibrated by observed differences between Presidential and Mid-year voting patterns in Dallas County.  (This set of assumptions risks overstating Republican strength somewhat, owing to the fact that it uses a countywide recalibration factor at a precinct level.)


The middle bar above is the estimate based on an assumption that the unknown voters in each precinct have been voting proportionally to the known partisans.  Thus, if the ratio between the known Republicans voting and known Democrats voting so far in a precinct is 50:50, the unknown voters in that precinct are allocated in the same proportion.  (Given that there are significantly more known Democrat partisans than known Republican partisans in Dallas County, this assumption is likely to at least slightly overestimate Democrat strength.)


The lower bar above is the estimate based on an assumption that the unknown voters in a precinct can be allocated according to the proportions of the vote to Romney and Obama in that precinct in 2012, uncalibrated.  (Given the strong historical differences in voting patterns between Presidential and Mid-year elections, this assumption is likely to overestimate Democrat strength significantly.)


According to the first method, the Republicans have a 1,025-vote edge among the unknowns.  The second shows the two parties virtually tied, separated by only 69 votes.  According to the third method, the Democrats have a 2,049-vote edge among the unknown voters.


CAVEAT: there are a thousand sources of error in any of these estimates.  These estimates should be used only to gauge generally how things may generally look halfway through early voting.  Most of the votes have yet to be cast.


The only useful take-away from these early estimates?  Halfway through early voting, it appears that Dallas County is ANYBODY’S BALL GAME.  Neither team appears to be very far ahead.  It may come down to one critical question: Who wants it more?



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If You Like Clay Jenkins, You Can Keep Clay Jenkins

This is Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins:



When Clay Jenkins took power in 2010, Dallas County Elections was run by Bruce Sherbet, one of the top election administrators in the United States.  Sherbet was recognized across the country by Republicans, Democrats and independents for his integrity and honesty in running fair elections.


Immediately after Jenkins took power, Clay Jenkins and John Wiley Price ousted Bruce Sherbet.


“Why is County Judge Gunning for Bruce Sherbet?”


Despite protests from both sides of the political aisle and many questions, Clay Jenkins and John Wiley Price could never explain they ousted Bruce Sherbet from Dallas County elections.


This is Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price:




John Wiley Price has made a mockery of law, order and civility during Clay Jenkins tenure.


During a Commissioners’ Court meeting in February 2011, Price told Dallas County citizens, “All y’all are white.  Go to hell.”  Clay Jenkins response?  To clamp down on the speech of citizens.  Price received no reprimand or censure.


In June 2011, Price’s home and offices were raided by the FBI as part of a federal corruption investigation.  Clay Jenkins response?  *Crickets*


In August 2011, Price threatens to “split the neck” of WFAA-TV (Channel 8) reporter Brett Shipp while shoving him.  No charges are filed.  Clay Jenkins takes no action.


In July 2012, Price grabbed the court gavel out of Clay Jenkins’ hand.  Jenkins took no action in response.  No censure or reprimand.


On July 25, 2014, John Wiley Price was arrested by the FBI and indicted on charges including conspiracy, bribery, mail and tax fraud in a 13-count federal indictment running 107 pages long.


Three months later, Price still sits and votes on Dallas County Commissioners’ court.  Price has not been removed, suspended from voting or even censured.  Why?  Because Clay Jenkins refused to support a resolution to censure Price.


The Dallas Morning News has a full timeline of Price’s behavior HERE.


The sad truth is that John Wiley Price has been able to run rampant because Clay Jenkins is too weak to take even minimal measures to rein him in.


Are the people of Dallas County really going to return John Wiley Price’s water-boy as the chief executive of Dallas County?  We’ll know soon.


More on Clay Jenkins HERE.




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Urgent News on Dallas County November Election

Friends and Fellow Patriots:


After going over some poll numbers, we have GOOD news and BAD news for those who are hoping to see a change in Dallas County government this election.


The GOOD news is that the polling shows that there are 7% more conservatives than liberals among the voters polled.


The BAD news is that this was a poll specifically-targeted to low-propensity voters–the voters least likely to vote this November.


PLEASE CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE Dallas County Get-Out-the-Vote Team! 


The volunteers at the Dallas Liberty Center are working to turn out these low-propensity voters.  If these voters actually turn out, there will be major changes in Dallas County government this election.  If they don’t, you can say hello to four more years of business-as-usual.


If you’ve had enough of John Wiley Price-style business-as-usual in Dallas County government, please join the Dallas Liberty Center’s Get Out the Vote Team.  They are working hard every day to turn out the vote in Dallas County, and they desperately need your help.


PLEASE CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE Dallas County Get-Out-the-Vote Team! 



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Had Enough of Liberal Progressive Governance? Here’s How to Stop it!




If the Dallas County elections were a football game, this would be the 4th Quarter, with the progressive team holding a small lead over the conservatives, hoping to run out the clock.


Dallas County conservatives need a TOUCHDOWN–just a few more points–to win the county in 2014. The goal line is just a few yards away–but THE CLOCK IS TICKING.




The 2014 election isn’t about any one race or candidate. This is about the political future of Dallas County, about sending a message to the world.


This is about HOLDING THE LINE and PUSHING BACK against POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, PROGRESSIVISM and a government that cares more about ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS than its own CITIZENS.


The progressives want everyone to believe that Dallas County is progressive territory, a “lost cause” for conservatives. THEY’RE WRONG. Dallas County is still very much in play.


Consider this:


– There are at least 100,000 conservative voters who do not vote in mid-year elections (2006, 2010, 2014) in Dallas County.

– FOUR out of FIVE conservative voters who skipped the recent mid-year elections (80,000 conservatives) are likely to skip Nov 2014–UNLESS you reach them. 

– If conservatives are able to motivate even 25% of the 80,000 “lost sheep” conservatives to vote in 2014, it will be a GAME CHANGER.




If you want to change the game in 2014, the solution is to SUPERCHARGE YOUR PRECINCT. We have proven tools and strategies to help you MAXIMIZE conservative turnout in your precinct. With your help, conservatives can MAKE THAT CRITICAL TOUCHDOWN and WIN THE GAME. 

We can show you how to easily IDENTIFY fellow conservatives who don’t vote in the mid-years, using targeted walk, mail, and phone lists.

We can show you how to MOTIVATE these conservative voters with proven messaging and high-impact, attention-grabbing materials. 

Together, we can get them to the polls–but we need help in every single battleground and conservative precinct.

This can be done. Please JOIN US in making this happen.





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