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By JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Grassroots America – We the People PAC; and for identification purposes – Chair, TX Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee


Today, Governor Rick Perry made a sharp left turn. According to sources inside the GOP Caucus meeting, Perry has decided to abandon his own promises to the people of Texas. One year ago – on Tax Day 2012, no less – Gov. Perry unveiled a “State Budget Compact” and promised us he would champion and push for these five principles:


1. Practice Truth in Budgeting

2. Support a Constitutional limit of spending to the growth of population & inflation

3. Oppose any new taxes or tax increases; make the small business tax exemption permanent

4. Preserve a strong Rainy Day Fund

5. Cut unnecessary and duplicative government programs and agencies


One year later, due to a lack of leadership, these promises won’t likely survive the legislative session. Once again, we get a lot of talk, but little real action. Today, Perry signaled to Texas House Republicans that these promises really no longer matter.


If that’s not bad enough, Gov. Perry is asking House Republicans to walk the plank for him in support of busting the spending cap, putting Texas further into debt, and raiding the Rainy Day Fund. In exchange, Perry promised to campaign for those legislators who would follow him in this reckless quest to betray the conservative base and to violate foundational conservative principles.


Our answer? Anyone thinking about following this unprincipled approach should remember the “Cruz Missile” that blew up all conventional political wisdom last year and sent an earthquake through the middle of Austin.


The conservative grassroots of Texas that united to send Ted Cruz to the United States Senate is more committed than ever to protect this state from the establishment ruling class in both parties. We will consider any votes to bust the spending limit, to drive Texas further into debt, and to drain the Rainy Day Fund to be a declaration of war on our children and grandchildren. Texas is NOT Washington, DC, and we don’t take kindly to betrayal.





JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director (volunteer), Grassroots America - We the People  www.gawtp.com

Chair - Advisory Committee to the TX Legislature's TEA Party Caucus


by Nina Speairs  2013-04-18 02:09:41
Excellent article, JoAnn. Keep it up,
please. We need to keep citizens informed re the actions of Perry,etal I am forwarding to my list.
by Gail Spurlock  2013-04-18 07:52:50
Does anyone have any more specifics on what spending he wants to increase, what he's going to do with the Rainy Day Fund money, etc? Is there any specific legislation associated with this article?
by Paul R. McConahy  2013-04-18 09:04:37
Amen and amen. Suckered again by this liar. Remember, some are saying Perry will be back in the Presidential hunt in a year or so. Help all Texans and everyone else
remember what this liar has now done and will no doubt continue to do. My advice to myself and others...do not ever again believe him.
by kim  2013-04-18 09:52:23
This might help you have a better idea what Perry is wanting to do: http://stateimpact.npr.org/texas/2013/04/16/as-water-plan-legislation-gets-closer-to-reality-little-opposition-found/
It's always something with ppl in high positions. Makes me wonder what's in it for him, i.e., who's lobbying him?

In my house, if it's necessary or strongly needed, we have to cut spending from somewhere. All I keep hearing in my head, is Algore blabbing about the infamous "lockbox."
by B Dewberry  2013-04-18 09:42:26
What spending exactly, and how much
for what from the Rainy Day Fund?
You have made broad statements with
out facts?
by Sharon Pulliam  2013-04-18 09:50:11
I need more information..
by John Ryan  2013-04-18 10:02:07
Click on Terri Hall: Texas Toll Auth... | Front page | above "Texans Betrayed" for specifics mailed out earlier this week. A disappointment to say the least.
by Charles K L Jordan  2013-04-18 12:17:32
Too bad but our great state has its RINOS too; way too many of them; we need more like Sen. Cruz; a great and honest Senator and a real man.
by Passionate Patriot  2013-04-18 12:54:52
This should give some momentum to Greg Abbott's candidacy for governor. He already had my support.
by Tony Ottea  2013-04-18 13:25:14
Are there specifics?
by Mr .& Mrs. Edward C. Williams  2013-04-18 15:07:16
Fulfill your original campaign promise(s)- Stay The Course Do Not Change Course.
by Frank Allen  2013-04-18 19:36:23
With industry moving into Texas at an alarming rate, why would anyone want to treat them to the very reason they left their previous location? More insanity from RINO's. I fhe would just be patient, there will be more tax money in the state coffers than he could imagine. I ave known this character for about 25 years and this is quite typical of him and his ilk. He is part of the problem we have in MOST levels of governing bodies in this country. He was groomed for the job he has now and is still being groomed for the POTUS. He is not a very intelligent person, but is smart in politics and their workings. If a lot of public pressure is brought to bear, he will back off so as not jeopardize his future in national politics. You can be certain this water bill is connected to some of his cronies and they all stand to make billions of dollars from it.
by Tiberiu Ban  2013-04-18 21:12:32
A new turn toward communism where everyone is poor and very few are extremely rich. I'm sadden that my Texan do not recognize the communist trends of this beautiful state (and country).
by Sharon Russell  2013-04-18 22:44:18
Thank you Jo Ann Fleming for holding the line.
by Elaine Morris  2013-04-19 01:09:13
Gov. Perry, you do know better. We are watching you.
by Bob A. Jackson  2013-04-19 01:25:41
Rick Perry's time in the governor's office has expired. He's starting to turn into the long time liberals in D.C. Tell the people what they want to hear to their face and then do whatever else when it comes time to be tough and keep his word. This man can no longer be trusted. He was an embarrassment for Texas when
he ran for the nomination for president in 2012. He has never be a friend to teachers, students and educational situations that needed his leadership in making situations better for the teachers and students in Texas. VOTE HIM OUT IN THE NEXT ELECTION!!! We, the people, have the voting power to put term limits on anyone running for any elected position. VOTE in EVERY election no matter what's on the ballot. GET INVOLVED!!!
by Alyson   2013-04-21 17:17:55
I am definitely not in favor of tax increases, however, I thought I heard on WBAP talk radio that he was dipping into the Rainy Day Fund for Education & also what Kim states below (Water plan) which is a serious issue here in TX. As long as it is done conservatively & money not all spent, I am for these issues. I think we need a little more info before we jump to conclusions. TX is still 1 of the most productive states in the Union & that has been under Perry's watch for yrs. I also have heard that he is willing to succeed from the Union which I am for also given our present political situation. We are now living in a socialist gov't - our forefathers are turning in their graves. This country was formed as a REPUBLIC - "And to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, one nation under God indivisable with Liberty & Justice for all". This should never haVE been taken out of the schools. Recite the Pledge of Allegiance nor Prayer. Our country has gone to hell in a hand basket. Shame on us.
by Corinne  2013-04-22 10:29:44
Alert Financial News: Expect GDP to increase by 3 % come July, as they use international calculations, and in effect cook the books, affect their ability of a reality, as they play with the figures, their reality is tainted into believing the " false " figures they will spin. Donwload the podcast at Financial Issues Dot Org, for April 22 2013, and listen from around 8:30 to 8:50 Am, and get the source . So in effect, it will grant them the ability to say we can increase the debt spending and credit increase, because the " false " GDP has gone up..... Stay tuned Folks - - - 2ND ALERT The Compact for America is due to hold their conference in Dallas ON July 4, 2013..... watch out for Article 5 - - - Danger Up Ahead.... Be Blessed Folks Corinne
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