Congratulations to New RPT Chair Tom Mechler

Congratulations to newly-elected RPT Chair Tom Mechler.


I did not support or oppose any of the four candidates for RPT Chair, as I felt that each candidate brought his own plusses and minuses to the table.


Mr. Mechler has been a part of the Munisteri leadership team, and there seems to be a fairly uniform consensus that the party his been well-run under Chairman Munisteri.  Thus, that is reason for optimism.


My principal concern with Mr. Mechler related to the platform debacles that took place at the last two state conventions.  In the last convention, there was at least a perception that Mr. Mechler (as Platform Committee Chairman) was working behind the scenes to cram the so-called ‘Texas Solution’ into the 2014 platform.  Thankfully, there was ultimately a floor vote, and the Texas Solution was rejected by the delegates 2-to-1.


Going forward, I will look forward to working with Chairman Mechler to spread the ideals of human freedom, personal responsibility, free markets, fiscal responsibility and the rule of law to all Texans. If Chairman Mechler shares that vision and acts accordingly, he will have my enthusiastic support for his endeavors.


– Kenneth Emanuelson

  Founder, The Grassroots Texans Network

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