If You Like Clay Jenkins, You Can Keep Clay Jenkins

This is Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins:



When Clay Jenkins took power in 2010, Dallas County Elections was run by Bruce Sherbet, one of the top election administrators in the United States.  Sherbet was recognized across the country by Republicans, Democrats and independents for his integrity and honesty in running fair elections.


Immediately after Jenkins took power, Clay Jenkins and John Wiley Price ousted Bruce Sherbet.


“Why is County Judge Gunning for Bruce Sherbet?”


Despite protests from both sides of the political aisle and many questions, Clay Jenkins and John Wiley Price could never explain they ousted Bruce Sherbet from Dallas County elections.


This is Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price:




John Wiley Price has made a mockery of law, order and civility during Clay Jenkins tenure.


During a Commissioners’ Court meeting in February 2011, Price told Dallas County citizens, “All y’all are white.  Go to hell.”  Clay Jenkins response?  To clamp down on the speech of citizens.  Price received no reprimand or censure.


In June 2011, Price’s home and offices were raided by the FBI as part of a federal corruption investigation.  Clay Jenkins response?  *Crickets*


In August 2011, Price threatens to “split the neck” of WFAA-TV (Channel 8) reporter Brett Shipp while shoving him.  No charges are filed.  Clay Jenkins takes no action.


In July 2012, Price grabbed the court gavel out of Clay Jenkins’ hand.  Jenkins took no action in response.  No censure or reprimand.


On July 25, 2014, John Wiley Price was arrested by the FBI and indicted on charges including conspiracy, bribery, mail and tax fraud in a 13-count federal indictment running 107 pages long.


Three months later, Price still sits and votes on Dallas County Commissioners’ court.  Price has not been removed, suspended from voting or even censured.  Why?  Because Clay Jenkins refused to support a resolution to censure Price.


The Dallas Morning News has a full timeline of Price’s behavior HERE.


The sad truth is that John Wiley Price has been able to run rampant because Clay Jenkins is too weak to take even minimal measures to rein him in.


Are the people of Dallas County really going to return John Wiley Price’s water-boy as the chief executive of Dallas County?  We’ll know soon.


More on Clay Jenkins HERE.




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