Urgent News on Dallas County November Election

Friends and Fellow Patriots:


After going over some poll numbers, we have GOOD news and BAD news for those who are hoping to see a change in Dallas County government this election.


The GOOD news is that the polling shows that there are 7% more conservatives than liberals among the voters polled.


The BAD news is that this was a poll specifically-targeted to low-propensity voters–the voters least likely to vote this November.


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The volunteers at the Dallas Liberty Center are working to turn out these low-propensity voters.  If these voters actually turn out, there will be major changes in Dallas County government this election.  If they don’t, you can say hello to four more years of business-as-usual.


If you’ve had enough of John Wiley Price-style business-as-usual in Dallas County government, please join the Dallas Liberty Center’s Get Out the Vote Team.  They are working hard every day to turn out the vote in Dallas County, and they desperately need your help.


PLEASE CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE Dallas County Get-Out-the-Vote Team! 



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