ANNOUNCING: The Dallas Liberty Center!


As you may know, a group of Dallas County conservatives, tea partiers and other liberty-minded activists have been working hard preparing a new resource for use by Dallas County conservatives.  After all this effort, we are very proud to announce the launch of…





This is a new resource from, by and for the grassroots.  This is a 400-square foot meeting place, staging area and phone bank.



The Dallas Liberty Center presently features 8 voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) calling stations, each station featuring a full-color LCD screen, full ‘QWERTY’ keyboard and noise-canceling stereo headset.  These calling stations can be programmed with custom surveys and configured to microtarget exactly the types of citizens who would be interested in your message.




The Dallas Liberty Center also features an office area with two printers: a full-color letter-size laser printer and a wide-format color inkjet.  The laser printer is perfect for printing color flyers and postcards.  The wide-format inkjet can print banners and signs up to 13″ tall.



The Dallas Liberty Center is fully-stocked with paper, pens, clipboards and other important supplies:



The Dallas Liberty Center is located at 9102 Garland Road, Dallas, 75218, in the Lozano Enterprises building:



Going forward, local activists will be using the Dallas Liberty Center to reach out to our fellow citizens in Dallas and talk to them about the issues that most concern them.  This center is there for use by the grassroots.  The organizers have worked hard to get it ready, and want to see it put to good use.


If you have an effort or project that you think might be suitable for the Liberty Center, just contact to learn more!




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