The Grand Prairie Border Relocation Center – How to Contact the Decisionmakers


As you know, Grand Prairie ISD is looking very seriously at a proposal to host a relocation center for thousands undocumented aliens crossing the border from Mexico, many of whom are children and teenagers.


It was clear from the information presented at the July 17th meeting of the GPISD Board that the preliminary ground work to use the GPISD’s Lamar Alternative Education facility (MAP) is moving forward in earnest.  According to the presentations by GPISD witnesses, plans are being prepared for renovation of the facility, including but not limited to the installation of sprinkler systems and other safety upgrades.


Nonetheless, the official position of the GPISD is that a final official decision has not yet been made.


The person who will have the most control over the final decision is Grand Prairie ISD President Terry Brooks.



To our knowledge, President Brooks has not yet made a decision on the proposed relocation center.  We have no doubt he is very interested in making a decision in the best interest of the people of Grand Prairie and the GPISD children under his care.


If you have feedback to share on this decision, or you would like to know where the board members stand, President Brooks and the other members of the GPISD Board can be reached via the contact information included below.  As always, if you contact them, please be POLITE, CALM and INFORMED.  This is an emotional topic, but we and our community are best served when we speak with logic and reason, armed with verifiable facts.


Name Title Phone Email
Terry Brooks Board President 972-262-0560
Burke Hall  Board Vice President 214-505-8878
Chester McCrary Board Secretary 972-642-8587 
Katrina Jones Place 3 972-595-2877
Steve Pryor Place 7 972-263-4628
Mike Skinner Place 6 972.642.4240 
John David Stewart Board Member 214-457-8478




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