Rep. Pete Sessions for GOP Majority Leader?

After being defeated in the Virginia primary on Tuesday, Eric Cantor has announced he is stepping down as GOP Majority Leader.  This leaves an opening, and Texas / Florida congressman Pete Sessions has announced his intention to seek the position.  


Whoever you may decide to support for House Majority Leader, please call your congressman and open the conversation:

(202) 224-3121


Back to the topic at hand, would Pete Sessions be a good choice for House GOP Majority Leader?  Let’s take a look…


Sessions’ Support for Immigration Amnesty:


It is reported that the key issue that brought Eric Cantor down was his support of immigration amnesty.  Pete Sessions has also been identified by immigration watchdog NumbersUSA as a supporter of immigration amnesty and an opponent of border security.  According to ALIPAC, Pete Sessions has not always been especially forthcoming on his views on amnesty:


Pete Sessions had a lot of people really fooled into thinking he was a supporter of America’s existing border and immigration laws,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “We were shocked to find out he is one of the Republican sellouts trying to change our existing laws to ‘accommodate’ and legalize millions of illegal aliens who would eventually permanently degrade America’s borders, laws, Constitution, and elections!


In 2013, Sessions was captured on video endorsing legalization of illegal aliens.


Pete Sessions’ Support for NSA Domestic Surveillance: In 2013, Pete Sessions voted against the Amash Amendment that would have reined in the NSA warrantless spying program on Americans. The amendment would have restricted the Obama Administration’s ability to conduct blanket data collection on Americans without a warrant–but Sessions voted against the restriction and couldn’t explain why.


Pete Sessions on ObamaCare: “We Don’t Want to Stop It”: Instead of standing with Ted Cruz and other conservatives for real healthcare reform, Pete Sessions repeatedly blocked efforts to even take a floor vote on defunding ObamaCare.  It was only after being challenged in the primary that Sessions was willing to allow a vote on defunding ObamaCare. Before that, Sessions was telling constituents he “didn’t want to stop” ObamaCare.  Challenged by constituents on his moves to prevent defunding of ObamaCare, Sessions responded, “I sure did,” and told them, “I’m the problem.”


Pete Sessions’ Voting Record on Federal Spending:  Pete Sessions’ voting record on federal spending generally places him in the 70-75% range, which means he votes the conservative direction on key votes approximately three times out of four.  Pete Sessions may not be the biggest spender in the GOP caucus, but he’s far from a penny-pincher.


A sampling of Sessions’ recent scores from key taxpayer watchdog groups:


Freedomworks 75%
Heritage Action 70%
Club for Growth 73%
National Taxpayers’ Union (Lifetime) 74%


A few big-dollar spending bills backed by Pete Sessions:


The Wall Street Bailout: Pete Sessions voted in 2008 to spend billions in tax dollars to bail out Wall Street.  Pete Sessions and Kay Granger were the only two North Texas Republicans to support the Wall Street Bailout.


Food Stamp and Farm Bill: Pete Sessions recently voted for the 949-page, TRILLION-dollar “Food Stamp and Farm Bill” without even giving Congress or the American public the chance to read it.  The bill created new subsidy programs, eliminated 80 percent of earlier savings in the food stamp program and gutted even modest work requirements present in earlier versions.


Omnibus Spending Bill of 2014: Pete Sessions also voted for the $1.1 TRILLION, 1,582-page Omnibus Spending Bill of 2014—again, without giving the American public the chance to read it. The bill codified the Ryan-Murray budget deal and hiked federal government spending across the board.


Fiscal Cliff Deal: Pete Sessions voted for the New Year’s Day 2013 “fiscal cliff” deal that raised taxes on an estimated 77 percent of U.S. households–with even higher taxes on upper income Americans.





Whoever you may think might be the best House Majority Leader, please call your congressman and open the conversation:

(202) 224-3121


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