U.S. National Security Experts OPPOSE ‘Texas Solution’


Fellow Grassroots Texans:


As you may know, the Platform Committee of the Texas Republican Party, led by Chairman Tom Mechler, is working to push an illegal immigrant legalization plan, known as the “Texas Solution” into the Texas Republican Platform.


A group of national security experts have written an open letter to the delegates to the Republican Convention OPPOSING the proposed “Texas Solution” legalization program.  We are forwarding it below in its entirety.


The letter is posted AT THIS LINK in pdf form.


Please forward this along to anyone you know who is a delegate to the RPT convention.  Thank you.



Dear Participants in the Texas Republican State Convention:


You are being asked to approve as part of the platform for your party a plank being marketed as the “Texas Solution” to the serious immigration challenges facing our nation.  A genuine solution emanating from your great state would be most welcome.  Based on our collective years of experience in trying to safeguard the national security, however, the proposed language would be part of the problem, not a contribution to a real remedy. 


Our specific concern arises from the failure of the “Texas Solution” to give priority and substance to the need to secure our southern border.  As you know, the porousness of that border has enabled untold millions of illegal aliens to transit it over the years.  While large numbers of children have been among the most recent, and highly publicized, of those who have gained access to our country in that fashion, among the others who have done so are: terrorists, foreign nationals from hostile countries, narco-traffickers, gang members, individuals forced into sexual slavery, etc.


It is hard to overstate the danger these illegal alien flows represent to the safety and security of our people.  The same coyotes who smuggle in people looking for nothing more than an opportunity to improve their economic circumstances are using their skills, routes, tunnels and corrupting resources to enable the movement of anything else gangs or enemies of this country wish to bring here.  It must be assumed that that will involve at some point the introduction of weapons of mass destruction, if it has not already occurred.


We have heard for decades the sorts of platitudes about securing the border that are found in the “Texas Solution” currently under consideration by the Convention.  Indeed, politicians of both parties at the federal as well as state level routinely pay lip-service to the need for such a step, even promising that it will precede the granting of guest worker status, amnesty or other “paths to citizenship.”


In our professional judgment, the insecurity of our southern border and the dangers associated with it are such that a real solution to our immigration problems must start with concrete, practical and effective measures to prevent unauthorized access to our country via that route.  In the absence of such a condition being established, granting amnesty – either explicitly or as a practical matter (via guest worker programs, DREAM Acts, allowing illegal aliens to join the U.S. military or otherwise) – is simply a magnet for more violations of our immigration laws and more threats to our national security.


We strongly recommend that the Convention insist on a solution to the illegal immigration problem that would not only be a boon to Texas, but a worthy model for national action, as well.  That would mean requiring the border to be actually secured, through a combination of physical barriers, surveillance capabilities and forces in place, and rigorously certified as secured before any further actions are taken that would legalize aliens unlawfully in this country or otherwise incentivize others to come here.



Admiral James A Lyons, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

Former Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet

Lt. General William G. Boykin, U.S. Army (Ret.)

Former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.

Former Asst. Sec. of Defense for International Security Policy (Acting)

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