The 2014 ‘Texas Solution’ Platform Subcommittee



The Platform Subcommittee that will be voting on the “Texas Solution” guest worker / amnesty plan is listed below.


Whether you support the “Texas Solution” or you oppose the “Texas Solution,” now would be a good time to let the committee members know where you stand.  They are the ones in control of the process–particularly the Chairman, Tom Mechler.


PLEASE NOTE: As always, please be civil and polite in your communications with committee members.  Thank you.




2014 “Texas Solution” Platform Subcommittee:


First Last Senate Dist. County Email
CHAIR Tom Mechler 31 Randall
Member Artemio Muniz 6 Harris
Member Dianne Costa 12 Denton
Member Mike  Gibson 17 Fort Bend
Member Sheryl Holland 25 Kendall 
Member Mary Holmsley 29 El Paso
Member Victor Leal 31 Potter




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