Shirley Spellerberg Responds to Norm Adams


Shirley Spellerberg’s Response to Norm Adams’ Reprimand of US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)




For Norm Adams and his business cronies to reprimand Senator Ted Cruz for his strong stand against illegal immigration is deplorable. Norm will stoop to anything to try to keep his ‘Texas Solution’ in the RPT Platform. 


When Ted Cruz appeared on CNN’s ‘The Lead with Jake Tapper’, Senator Cruz  denounced former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush’s defense of illegal immigration, explaining that breaking the law is not ‘positive and beneficial’ and that turning a blind eye while illegal migrants cross the border ‘is not a humane system.’


Bush tries to justify illegal immigration by noting that it’s ‘not a felony’ and is an ‘act of love and commitment to your family.’ Cruz’ response, ‘There’s no doubt that immigrants come to this country because they are seeking a better world and a better life for their kids. What isn’t positive and beneficial is breaking the law to do so.’ The rule of law matters and if you look at any sovereign nation, securing your border is important.’


While we must do all we can to secure our borders, the likelihood that our borders  will be truly secure in the near future is slim to none.


That is why the RPT must re-adopt the 2010 RPT Platform on Immigration which calls for strict enforcement of existing immigration laws and delete the unworkable 2012  ‘Texas Solution.’

Please–No ‘Texas Solution’ for our Immigration Platform.




Illegal Immigration– Secure the Borders Now. With growing impatience the American people in overwhelming numbers have asked our Government to secure our borders. They now demand it and we as a party agree with the American people. Illegal aliens have by definition violated U.S. law. We oppose illegal immigration, amnesty in any form leading to citizenship, or legal status for illegal immigrants. We support an end to the “catch and release” policy; criminal penalties and aggressive enforcement for those who knowingly employ illegal workers; expeditious hearings on deporting non-violent illegal immigrants; amending the U.S. constitution to suspend automatic U.S. citizenship to children born to illegal immigrants; elimination of federal and state funding to cities with “sanctuary” laws; empowering state and local law enforcement agencies with authority and resources to detain illegal immigrants; rejection of non-verifiable foreign-issued cards as valid identification; strict prosecution of any entity involved in phony identification documents; elimination of day labor work centers; elimination of laws requiring hospitals to give non-emergency care to illegals; elimination of social security benefits or federal and state funding to illegals for education, housing or business loans; preventing any foreign entity from using our judicial system to enter the United States; document verification prior to issuance of a Texas driver’s license; withholding federal highway funds from any state issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens; and aggressive prosecution of persons smuggling humans across our borders. We support requiring all employers to utilize E-verify system to confirm the legal status of all new hires.



Enforcement of Immigration Law– We support strict and immediate enforcement of all immigration laws.



Birthright Citizenship– We call on the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of these United States to clarify Section 1 of the 14th amendment to limit citizenship by birth to those born to a citizen of the United States: with no exceptions.

God bless Senator Ted Cruz
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