How ‘The Texas Solution’ Facilitates Amnesty


If you haven’t been paying attention, John Boehner and his “leadership” team have been trying for some time to pass a “comprehensive immigration reform” bill.  Unfortunately for them–and fortunately for the rule of law–polling shows that American voters, and especially the Republican voters are decidedly against any immigration reform proposal that includes amnesty for illegals.


It’s not difficult to see why, given that at least 92 MILLION Americans are currently out of work:


The amount (not seasonally adjusted) of Americans not in the labor force in April rose to 92,594,000, almost 1 million more than the previous month. In March, 91,630,000 Americans were not in the labor force, which includes an aging population that is continuing to head into retirement.


This labor glut has also had an understandable negative effect on American wages:


From 2000 to 2011, a period of disappointing overall wage growth, wages actually fell among every entry-level group regardless of education. Wage losses occurred for each group of entry-level workers between 2000 and 2007, as well as during the recessionary years between 2007 and 2011.


With so many Americans out of work and wages dropping, American voters are understandably puzzled at what many perceive to be a mad rush to expand ‘guest worker’ programs and amnesty proposals.


Whatever Boehner’s motivation may be, he appears bound and determined to make it happen.


According to some, Boehner’s planning to wait until after the Republican primaries. Boehner eyeing mid-June for vote on immigration reform


Outrageous. Not the fact that the House leadership wants to do something on immigration; that’s been common knowledge for 18 months. What’s outrageous is the timing, which, if this AP report is accurate, would confirm our most cynical suspicions about just how gutless and unaccountable Republicans are on this issue. I remember critics predicting last year that Boehner wouldn’t bring something to the floor before the House primaries for fear that a backlash among conservative voters would knock out a bunch of incumbents. He’d wait until just after the primaries had ended to do it, so that conservatives would be powerless to exert any influence over the process.


And sure enough, that’s allegedly exactly what he’s going to do.


Even after the primaries, some of the congressional Republicans are likely to be skittish.  What’s the solution to this quandary?  A group of open-borders Texans think they have a solution.  They are planning to insert a ‘guest worker’ plank (with amnesty) into the Texas Republican platform at the Republican State Convention:


“[W]e will have a guest worker program. We will have a solution that we can say, “Hey Congress, hey Texas delegation, follow Texas.” 


– Norman Adams


As you may know, Norm Adams’ guest worker / amnesty plan is called ‘The Texas Solution’–and it may very well be the solution to their problems.  If the advocates of amnesty succeed in passing their ‘Texas Solution’ at the Texas Republican Convention, they will very likely be giving themselves all the ammunition they need to pressure the congressional Republicans to pass amnesty into federal law.  If they don’t succeed, it would serve as a clear message that the Texas Republicans are not interested in talking about amnesty or more foreign workers at this point in time.


Thus, this is really very simple.  


If you want to encourage Congress to pass amnesty, support Norm Adams’ ‘Texas Solution.’


If you want to discourage Congress from passing amnesty, oppose Norm Adams’ ‘Texas Solution.’









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