David Dewhurst BUSTED AGAIN? Tea Party Group Denies Endorsement Claimed by Dewhurst


Tea Party Group Denies Endorsement Claimed by Dewhurst


Have you received this latest flyer from David Dewhurst?  If you have, you likely noticed that it’s roughly equal parts “David Dewhurst is awesome” and “Dan Patrick is evil”–i.e., standard establishment incumbent candidate fare.


In contrast, however, to the fraudulent “United Texas Tea Party” mailer recently covered by Breitbart, this mail piece leaves no mystery as to its source:



The front panel proclaims that David Dewhurst provides “leadership you know and trust” and denounces Dan Patrick for “a career of deception.”


So, does David Dewhurst really bring “leadership we can trust”?  Is there some “deception” at play in the Lieutenant Governor’s race?  Let’s see…


One thing jumped out at us in this flyer, and it may have jumped out at you, as well.  At two separate places in the flyer, David Dewhurst clearly claims to be endorsed by Tea Party Express:




We noticed this because we’re fairly attentive to tea party stuff, and none of us had heard that Tea Party Express had endorsed David Dewhurst.  That would be pretty big news in tea party land.


So, we did a Google search for “tea party express endorses david dewhurst.” All we could find was an Open Letter from Texas tea partiers in 2012 telling David Dewhurst to stop falsely claiming tea party support:


You do NOT have Tea Party support: An Open Letter to David Dewhurst


Dear Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst,


As Texas tea party leaders, we reject your campaign’s recent claims that you have earned tea party support…Your dishonest and misleading smear campaign of Ted Cruz, coupled with your recent false claims of tea party support, show clearly that you simply represent the political status quo rather than the leadership we require. 


Old habits die hard, perhaps.


As good as Google is, it doesn’t necessarily catch everything.  We checked the Tea Party Express website.  Under the list of endorsements, we found one–for Texas, for Ben Streusand in TX-36:



Then again, websites aren’t always 100% up-to-date, so Katrina Pierson went straight to the source:



After being invited to support the “United Texas Tea Party” fiasco, Tea Party Express checked with tea partiers in Texas and found that Dan Patrick was the tea party favorite.  According to Sal Russo, the leader of Tea Party Express:


“…after checking around with Tea Party people in Texas, we found that there was mostly support for Patrick over Dewhurst…”


So, after falsely claiming tea party support in 2012, David Dewhurst is once again making a false claim of tea party support in 2014.  This follows on the heels of the pro-Dewhurst “United Texas Tea Party” mailer, that Breitbart has covered and exposed as a fraud.


Unfortunately, most people who received the deceptive mailer will not learn the truth before they vote.  Please spread the word.



PLEASE NOTE: The authors of this piece are, as individuals, supporting Dan Patrick, so readers are encouraged to do their own independent research and confirm the information herein.



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