JoAnn Fleming Endorses Bob Hall for Texas Senate District 2

Fellow Grassroots Texans –


We are forwarding below a message from JoAnn Fleming, Two-term Chairman, TX Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee*



Grassroots America Friends in Senate District 2:

Bob Hall and his wife Kay are good people – salt-of-the-earth patriots. They’ve been the target of a disgusting smear campaign of abject lies by the long-time incumbent senator of District 2. I have personally investigated every single lie by reviewing actual court and tax documents and can assure you the allegations are completely untrue – fabricated by a desperate politician.

I want you to know that we desperately need constitutionally conservative leadership in Austin – public servants who will put our state government back into a constitution-sized box to cut regulation and spending. We must get state government back into its proper role – funding only the core constitutional functions of state government &

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