Coalition of Texas Tea Party Organizers Denounce Mysterious ‘Tea Party’ Mailer – Another Dewhurst Trick?

Texas Liberty Movement Leaders 

United for a Strong Texas



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 17, 2014       CONTACT:  Undersigned Leaders


Is the Fake Tea Party Mailer Yet Another Dewhurst Attempt to Trick Texas Voters?


“The Fake Tea Party mailer risks more IRS trouble for conservative groups; 

may trigger more onerous federal and state speech regulations.  

Is David Dewhurst behind it?”


Across Texas – Today a coalition of conservative leaders is demanding answers on a fake Tea Party mailer found in Texas mailboxes on Friday. 


The mailer – seen here: ( – proclaims support from “The United Texas Tea Party” for David Dewhurst. The problem? No such group legally ex

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