On the Dust-Up with Sen. John Carona…

As some of you have heard, there was a bit of a dust-up between myself and Senator John Carona Tuesday night at the Park Cities Preston Hollow Tea Party meeting.
As you may know, I’m very supportive of open and vigorous debate, but unfortunately, the conversation at the tea party meeting got very heated and personal.  During the course of the conversation, Senator Carona publicly attacked me as a “charlatan” and accused me of “misrepresenting” his voting record to deceive people.  Thus, I feel compelled to address the facts and, in light of the facts presented below, encourage Sen. Carona to revise his remarks.
Let me say at the outset that I have nothing personal against Sen. Carona.  I’ve known him for years and have considered him a friend.  I’ve spent time voluntarily helping him connect with grassroots activists in the district and have helped promote his campaign events to thousands of constituents.  Thus, his person

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