Why is Rep. Pete Sessions Blocking a Select Benghazi Probe?

As you know, four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, were murdered at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.  The House of Representatives has been investigating the murders, but has been stonewalled by the Obama Administration time and time again.


In response, a broad nationwide coalition, including hundreds of special operations veterans and 164 members of Congress, has come together to publicly call for a House Select Committee to investigate Benghazi.  Rep. Frank Wolf has filed a formal resolution in the House to make that happen:



Unfortunately, Dallas congressman Pete Sessions opposes the establishment of a Select Committee on Benghazi and has been bottling up Rep. Wolf’s Resolution in the House Rules Committee for the last six months:




As re: the reason for the stonewalling, Pete Sessions has delivered multiple justifications to constituents.  He’s told constituents there is no particular need for a Select Committee given the existence of other committee investigations, that a Select Committee would cost too much and that he considers Benghazi a distraction from more important issues.  



Obviously, 164 Members of the House disagree with Sessions’ position.


Whatever their reason for doing so, John Boehner and the rest of the House leadership appear to have decided to circle the wagons on Benghazi.  


Pat Caddell claims that this is because members of the House leadership signed off on an illegal CIA gun-running operation moving surface-to-air missiles to Syrian rebels through Benghazi, and now have a huge incentive to help the Obama Administration cover the whole thing up:



There’s no way to know for sure if Caddell’s right or not, but whatever the reason for the stonewalling, it’s time for it to come to an end.


Anyone with influence with Rep. Sessions is encouraged to contact him and ask him to end the stonewalling and allow the Wolf Resolution to move forward for a vote.  Contrary to what the Administration would have us believe, Benghazi is not a “phony scandal,” and the families of four dead Americans deserve to know what happened to their loved ones.


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