Texas House Votes to Raid the Rainy Day Fund and Spend Like There’s No Tomorrow

We regret to inform you that the Texas House of Representatives has voted to approve Senate Bill 1 and House Bill 1025 and send them to the Governor’s desk.


Together, these bills hike Texas government spending to an unpredented level while raiding Texas’ Rainy Day Fund, thereby placing Texas credit rating in jeopardy.


Our fate is now in the hands of Governor Perry.


How did your representative vote on this package?


The House roll call vote for SB 1 is here:




(Click on ‘RV# 1336’)


The House roll call vote for HB 1025 is here:




(Click on ‘RV# 1334’)


Commentary from JoAnn Fleming:


The dirty deed is done.  The TX Legislature passed both HB 1025 (raid on RDF) and SB1 (budget bill). 


The Conservative Budget Coalition will discuss sending a public call to Gov. Perry to veto the bill. I will let you know what is decided.  We will need to get calls going to the Gov’s office when it opens Tuesday @ 8 AM.


The Senate passed SJR1 – constitutional amendment for water that will open up the RDF to transfer to a State Infrastructure Bank for water without counting toward the constitutional spending cap.  The legislature is deeming this to be so because they changed the definition of “busting the spending cap.”   We must defeat this in November.


I have watched this bunch make fun of David Simpson and Van Taylor all day.  They are the only ones who dared go to the back mic to try to stop the establishment ground game.  David Simpson and Van Taylor spoke against the spending, and Phil King rose to say he would vote against SB1 and HB 1025, but he made sure to distance himself from David Simpson as he did so.


The first thing the House did today was suspend the rules and go outside the bounds to speed up the clock.  It is now 8 PM real time, but they are calling it11:50 PM.  They did this to keep folks like Simpson & Van Taylor from “talking a bill to death” (filibuster in Federal terms) and pushing them past the midnight deadline.  Aren’t you proud of that kind of conduct?


We must fire some of these people in 2014.  They are going to destroy Texas.


Checking out to see my family for a change,



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