Final Vote Today on Transfer of 20 Texas Roads to Private Foreign Corporations



Texas for Sale

Bill to hand 20 TX roads to foreign corporations switched to SB 1730 – FINAL vote pushed to Tuesday!




>> Another rushed gavel & voice vote, no chance to vote. One House member said, “They wouldn’t let us vote on it!”


>> The bill’s author, Larry Phillips, tried to tell members CDAs don’t always mean tolls. However, the bill authorizes all these roads to be handed to private entities without further oversight or the consent of Texans!


>> PPPs/CDAs mean CRONY CAPITALISM & sweetheart deals that guarantee profits, limit expansion of free routes, and charge  75 cents a mile or more to use our public roads!




Call your State Representative (your Texas House member) & tell them to vote ‘NO’ on SB 1730. We do NOT want Texas highways handed to private corporations! We’re not falling for the ‘tolling is not a guarantee, it’s just an option’ routine – we don’t want that ‘option’ on the table whatsoever!


A ‘yes’ vote is the same thing as voting for TOLL TAXES in the hands of a private, foreign corporation since it gives TxDOT and toll agencies a blank check!


>> Find out who your STATE representative is here and you can get their direct phone number




>> Call the Capitol Switchboard – (512) 463-4630 (between 8 AM – 5 PM)

(Give them your zip code & they can connect you to your state rep.)  


The House convenes to start considering bills at 10 AM Tuesday.


— See why PPPs/CDAs are anti-freedom & anti-taxpayer here.





Postcards from the lege…

KEEP Texas FREEways FREE and in the hands of Texans!


HB 3391 switched to SB 1730!

The bill’s author, Rep. Larry Phillips, tried to lull members into ‘yes’ votes by claiming PPPs/CDAs aren’t necessarily tied to tolls. However, private toll companies don’t put up their own money/equity as charity! They want to be paid back for their investment and they find ways to guarantee taxpayers will pay them handsomely for it – whether it be heisting public subsidies, extracting 75 cent per mile toll rates or secure non-compete clauses that limit, penalize, and/or compensate them for expansion of free roads. 


Also, the bill doesn’t differentiate between the CDA being tolled or non-toll. So while it’s clever to say the toll element is ‘optional,’ whether or not Hwy 290, Hwy 183, I-35, Hwy 288, Hwy 114, Loop 9, Loop 12, or Loop 1604 (to name a few) get handed to a private toll operator will be decided later by un-elected boards & TxDOT, not the PEOPLE, bottom line is TxDOT would NOT be able to hand these roads to Cintra or other private entity unless this bill passes. 


We KILL the bill, we kill the privatization of our PUBLIC roads!


Other news…

All of our good bills have been watered down, gutted, or held up in committee, so our attention is being turned to KILLING the bad bills, and trying to get our good bills OUT OF COMMITTEE by the deadline, May 6!



Get our roads funded WITHOUT tolls! 


>> Contact Chair of the House Appropriations Committee Jim Pitts and ask him to:

“Vote out HB 479 to dedicate vehicles sales tax to roads to get needed funding WITHOUT raising taxes & pass HJR 29 to END gas tax diversions!”


–Call Jim Pitts at (512) 463-0516 or email him

(Calls are best, even if you leave a message!)



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