Texas House Voting to Raid Texas’ Rainy Day Fund


If you want to preserve Texas’ Rainy Day Fund, NOW is the time to call your State Representative.




by Michael Quinn Sullivan


When members of the Texas House meet on Monday, they will take the next-to-last step in busting the state’s spending cap. This coming in a session that has produced no lasting budget reforms and no real tax relief, despite a biennium with the largest jump in state revenues in modern history. Worse, legislators are poised to do so with a massive draw from the rainy day fund. 


Legislators campaigned in 2012 on the Texas Budget Compact. They promised to offer real tax relief, to put a tight lid on profligate spending, and reform the budget. 


Those candidates won a big majority in the elections, but so far seem to have trouble showing up when it is time to govern. 


It’s not a done deal; the session

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