Texas House Voting Monday to Hand 20 Texas Roads to Foreign Corporations




by Terri Hall, T.U.R.F.


Bill to hand 20 TX roads to foreign corporations up for FINAL vote Monday!


HELP US KILL HB 3391/SB 1730


>> PPPs/CDAs mean CRONY CAPITALISM & sweetheart deals that guarantee profits, limit expansion of free routes, and charge 75 cents a mile or MORE to use our public roads!




Call your State Representative (your Texas House member) & tell them to vote ‘NO’ on HB 3391/SB 1730 on Monday. We do NOT want Texas highways handed to private corporations!


>> Find out who your STATE representative is HERE:




…and you can get their direct phone number


(leave a message if their office is closed when you call)…




>> Call the Capitol Switchboard – (512) 463-4630 (between 8 AM – 5 PM)


(Give them your zip code & they can connect you to your state rep.)




The House convenes to start considering bills at 10 AM Monday.


— See why PPPs/CDAs are anti-freedom & anti-taxpayer here:










House passes SB 1110


Capitol Watch: Lawmakers need to fund roads WITHOUT more tolls, taxes


Important dates


Katy bar the door…


Texas legislature passes SB 1110!


Final vote 110-27


— Sends bill to allow property tax and sales tax to build TOLL roads to the Governor


Rep. Joe Pickett managed to convince Republicans & Democrats alike that passing a bill that can use property tax to build toll roads (a DOUBLE TAX) is ‘conservative’ and actually means less toll projects???


>> See how House members voted here:




(It passed unanimously in the Senate)



>> Read Terri’s article here:







Postcards from the lege…


All the major transportation bills that are going to get a hearing in committee have been heard. Now the focus turns to hearing bills that passed the other chamber. There are no significant bills scheduled for a hearing in either Transportation Committee next week.


All of our good bills are being held up in committee, only the bad bills are making it to the floor for a vote. Thank Speaker Joe Straus (who appoints the committee chairs) and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (who appoints the committee chairs & sets the calendar in the senate) for that.


So our attention is being turned to KILLING the bad bills, and trying to get our good bills OUT OF COMMITTEE by the deadline, May 6!





Get our roads funded WITHOUT tolls!


>> Contact Chair of the House Appropriations Committee Jim Pitts and ask him to:


“Vote out HB 479 to dedicate vehicles sales tax to roads to get needed funding WITHOUT raising taxes & pass HJR 29 to END gas tax diversions!”


–Call Jim Pitts at (512) 463-0516 or email him jim.pitts@house.state.tx.us


(Calls are best, even if you leave a message!)





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