Post-Mortem on the Rainy Day Fund Raid (HB 11)




HB11 died on a Point of Order raised by Rep. Sylvester Turner (Rule 8, Section 21).


As I understand it, the Rule finds that because the budget has passed through the chamber, no appropriations bills (which HB11 is/was because it appropriated monies) can move forward until the budget has been signed by the governor and certified by the Comptroller. 


All of the drama could have been avoided if rather than tapping the Economic Stabilization Fund to fund a new water program, appropriators had simply used the $8 billion in new revenues and built it into the budget. Water infrastructure is critical, but just as critical is the structure of the funding program.


This would seem to also apply to HB19 — another ESF draw, this one for water and roads.


(The Democrats fought against HB11 because they want more spending on education — despite  billions more being tucked (almost

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