Terri Hall: Texas Toll Authorities Seeking Sweeping New Powers


By Terri Hall 

April 12, 2013


“This is a clean-up bill,” spouted the North Texas Tollway Authority’s (NTTA) bond counsel, Frank Stevenson II, one of the agency’s ‘legacy contractors,’ Locke Lord, LLP, who crafted House Bill 2247 that grants the authority expansive new powers.


To which Texas State Representative Yvonne Davis replied, “Aren’t you asking for new authority in this bill? You’re telling us this bill doesn’t give you any new authority, but there’s an awful lot of new language in here…If you already have this authority, why do you need this bill?”


Stevenson proceeded to dodge the question in a dicey back-and-forth exchange that lasted for more than 30 minutes in the House Transportation Committee this week before he finally admitted the agency would indeed be granted new authority. NTTA attorneys were accused of misrepresenting the i

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