Rep. Steve King Statement on ‘Gang of Eight’ Immigration Proposal

Washington, DC- Congressman Steve King released the following statement today following the press conference held by the Senate ‘Gang of Eight’ who announced their broad proposals for comprehensive immigration reform:


“Eight Senators have now agreed to four basic legislative pillars or immigration policy principles,” said King. “They have 52 more Senators and 218 House Members to convince after they put their plan on paper in the form of a bill. I agree with most of the language in the very broad guidelines.


I would ask the Senators, do you agree with me that the United States should have an enforced immigration policy designed to enhance the economic, social, and cultural well being of the United States of America? Do you believe the Rule of Law and national sovereignty are essential components of a successful nation? Do you believe employers should be allowed to deduct wages and benefits paid to illegal aliens as a business expense? I’m guessing the ‘Gang of Eight’ would be inclined to agree with me on my principles. But, I predict that they will oppose my every effort to get them into law.


The president has demonstrated he will only enforce the laws that he likes. Promises of future law enforcement made under the 1986 Amnesty Act were not adequately kept by President Reagan. Why, then, would Americans accept the promise of this president?


I will continue to promote positive, common sense reforms that address our problems with illegal immigration, including reintroducing the New IDEA(Illegal Deduction Elimination Act) in the 113th Congress and I will continue to support enforcement of our existing laws.”

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