Tea Partiers Take out Dick Lugar in Indiana




Congratulations to the Indiana tea partiers!  You  can stick a fork in six-term Senator Richard Lugar.  He’s done:


WASHINGTON — The Tea Party tossed another veteran Republican overboard Tuesday night, voting six-term Republican Sen. Dick Lugar from office in a heated Indiana primary.


With most of the percent of the precincts reporting, state Treasurer Richard Mourdock had 61 percent of the vote to Lugar’s 39 percent, sending Mourdock to a November matchup against Democratic Rep. Joe Donnelly…


Mourdock counted heavily on Tea Party support, with a recent poll finding that the 28 percent of Indiana GOP voters who identified with the movement favored the treasurer by more than a 40-point margin. Coupled with relatively low turnout, Tea Party enthusiasm appeared to be enough. Groups like the Club for Growth, the Tea Party Express, FreedomWorks and the National Rifle Association spent heavily and worked hard for Mourdock.


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