Donna Garner : The Fault Lies at the Top

“The Fault Lies at the Top”

by Donna Garner



The Austin American-Statesman has an article in today’s newspaper (posted below) that is very critical of those Texas legislators who were absent during the Special Session; and as usual, the biased AAS has chosen to highlight mostly selected Republicans.


The real problem here is that we taxpayers should not have had to pay for a Special Session.  Rep. Joe Straus and Lt. Gov. Dewhurst were in charge of the House and the Senate. If they had done their due diligence, the Regular Session would have worked smoothly; and everyone could have gone home at the end of May.  Instead, we taxpayers ended up having to pay for a Special Session that impacted legislators’ families.


Legislators with children have to wait to take their vacations until their children are out of school; and with so many summer activities in which children are involved, famili

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