For the Record: The TEXAS HOUSE Killed the Sanctuary City and TSA Bills

The message below was prepared and sent out by Senator Dan Patrick on Tuesday, June 28, 2011:

Dear Friend,
I have been sent several e-mails that are circulating today concerning Sanctuary City and the TSA bill. They are either biased due to a friendship with someone, or they simply are mis-informed and don’t know the facts.  The facts do not lie.  This is long, but you need the facts and the full picture.  I appreciate all you do for Texas. I don’t want a feud between the House and the Senate. But, when people send out false information it has to be answered.  I appreciate the work the House did this year.  I am frustrated how the final two weeks ended stopping us from passing Sanctuary City and TSA bills.  I’m not blaming anyone, or pointing a finger, simply setting the record straight based on the facts.
First, let me be clear. Rep David Simpson did all he could to pass this bill. He gets great cred

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