Will Joe Straus Stop the TSA Bill?


[object]The Texas Senate has moved the TSA Bill out of committee:

AUSTIN – A Senate committee on Monday approved heavily revamped legislation to ban intrusive airport pat-downs on Monday as supporters rushed to salvage the beleaguered measure before the end of the Legislature’s special session on Wednesday.


With House Speaker Joe Straus denouncing the bill as a “public stunt,” the chief Senate sponsor of the bill incorporated changes that prompted some supporters of the original bill to turn away from the measure. Supporters planned amendments on the House floor designed to toughen the bill and return it closer to the original form.


Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, chief author of the Senate bill, acknowledged that proponents are racing the clock to get the measure passed out of both chambers of the Legislature before adjournment. Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, the Senate’s presiding officer, supports the legislation, but it faces a towering obstacle in the House after Straus declared late last week that the measure would not be brought to the floor in its current form.

Can the people of Texas overcome the ‘towering obstacle’ of Straus’ opposition?


Only time will tell.


If you believe in this legislation, now is the time to CALL YOUR HOUSE MEMBER!


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