Speaker Joe Straus Shuts down Texas House to Stop TSA Bill


As you may have heard by now, Texas House Speaker Joe Straus shut down the Texas House of Representatives today to prevent consideration of Rep. David Simpson’s TSA Bill, which would require that Texans’ dignity be protected during airport screening:  According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

A bill that would prohibit federal Transportation Security Administration agents from conducting intrusive pat-downs at Texas airports suffered a potentially lethal setback today after House Speaker Joe Straus said that the bill, as written, would not be considered in the House during the final days of the special session.

The San Antonio Republican said the bill appears to be “nothing more than an ill-advised publicity stunt” and suggested that it could make the Texas Legislature a laughingstock if it becomes law.

More from the Texas Tribune:

“The bill, without some serious revisions, appears to me to be nothing more than an ill-advised publicity stunt, unenforceable…[and] misdirected at uniform security personnel,” Straus said. He argued the bill should be aimed “at Washington, at the bosses of these people.”


The bill would criminalize “intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly touching” the “sexual organs” of someone during a security screening at a public facility, including airports.

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