Will Texas Get an Anti-Sanctuary Cities Bill or Not? By Donna Garner

Will Texas Get an Anti-Sanctuary Cities Bill or Not?


by Donna Garner




I asked Maria Martinez, Board Member of IRCOT (Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas ), to explain to me the confusing situation over the anti-sanctuary cities bill.  This is what Maria sent to me:





I’ll be happy to explain what Sen. Tommy Williams perpetrated on Texas .  I believe he is definitely not with us and is most likely against us.  He is definitely playing political games here.  Gov. Perry gave him the opportunity to redeem himself, but Sen. Williams chose not to do it.


I warn you there a lot of details which make this narrative hard to follow but it is all quite necessary. 


At the Transportation & Homeland Security hearing, Sen. Williams…


…replaced HB 12 (the anti-sanctuary city bill) with his bill SB 9 as the commit

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