Maria Martinez’ Immigration Bill Status Report


Immigration Bill Report from Maria Martinez of IRCOT:


E-Verify continues to be IRCOT’s #1 priority, but there is little chance that any of the E-verify bills filed will be moved out of committee.  Byron Cook stated at the last State Affairs hearing that he is inclined to have an interim study on E-Verify due to the fact that it could potentially be problematic to many stakeholders.  Code word:  The business lobby doesn’t want it.


HB 1275 Harless Requiring Employers to use E-verify for employment. STATUS: 4/28/11 Left pending in committee.



IRCOT fought the following resolution as well as other bills that advocated a guest worker program in the guise of ensuring prosperity and national security.  This bill is particularly heinous because it is so cloaked.  It is outrageous that this bill calls on congress to fix the “broken” immigrati

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