Sullivan : Texas Senate Not Scared Enough


Texas senators seem to believe they’re members of an exclusive club, rather than elected public servants. Speaking for the club this week, State Sen. Steve Ogden (R-Bryan), chair of the Finance Committee, told the press it “has always been … pretty hard to penetrate the club, but these outside groups have done it and it’s making it hard to pass the [budget].”

Outsiders?  That’s you, the voting taxpayer; the one paying their club dues.

That’s the general sentiment inside the halls of the Senatorial Clubhouse.

Senators are dismayed that their 2012-2013 budget scheme isn’t sailing through the chamber. It’s a spending plan that lives beyond the taxpayers’ means using one-time revenue gimmicks and tapping the rainy day fund.
In conversations this week with senior senate leaders, I was struck by just how out of touch that chamber’s Republicans are with political reality. Senators and staffers – all Republicans – told me they fear being defeated by Democrats in November 2012 unless they break the bank.


Too bad they are afraid of the wrong voters….

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