True the Vote National Summit – March 25th and 26th


Join Patriots from Across the Nation

for the


March 25th-26th, 2011
Houston, Texas







and many more!




From Catherine Engelbrecht:

The Early Registration discount ends 3/11 and we would like as many people as can to take advantage of the savings if they’re coming anyway. 


What can attendees expect?


In addition to featuring noted experts on the subject of election integrity, the TTV National Summit will equip leaders with the tools necessary to execute a True the Vote type program in their State/County.  We will tell our story,  how we did things and why, but there will also be specific deliverables given to participants that will enable them to hit the ground running.  Case in point, we will provide an online database program that will help leaders crunch data from their voter registry, send ORRs, and Citizen Challenges, all with the click of a few buttons.  This was built after learning the hard way with tens of thousands of volunteer hours spent collecting data.


We will give this program to any leader who we can train to use it.  The database is just one example; we will also cover training, mobilization, and advocacy for legislative reform.   Mind you, organizations can do anything from calling their initiative True the Vote to calling it or doing with it whatever they choose.  We will have a full plan available and “customer support” every step of the way, but beyond that is up to the leaders.  And, we’ll explain all that at the Summit, too….


This Summit will have some of the same material as was covered at the Texas Summit and Grassroots Bootcamp, but the majority of the info will be new.  Just the guest speakers alone are worth making plans to attend.


We currently have representation from 23 different States – so it will be a great time to meet others from across the Nation who are focused on restoring honor to our election process.  Also, please note that not featured on the invitation but included in our speakers line-up is Sen. Norm Coleman, who can definitely speak to the importance of each vote.  Al Franken surely understands the power of every vote  – even if they’ve been cast by felons…  Hope to see you and lots of other fellow Texas leaders at the Summit.

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