Governor and House Leadership at Odds Over Rainy Day Fund


House Appropriations Committee Chair Jim Pitts (R-Waxahachie) is now pushing to spend half of the Texas Rainy Day Fund in order to avoid spending cuts:


Pitts said he’ll push for a committee vote early next week on a bill to spend $4.3 billion of rainy-day money in the current cycle. That would free up an identical amount to be added to the two-year budget now being drafted, he said.


Pitts dismissed Gov. Rick Perry’s remarks this week that no rainy-day money should be used — or even discussed — until lawmakers do more scrubbing of the budget.


“I don’t see the other options,” Pitts said.


As noted, Governor Rick Perry is pushing back against the move:


“The fact of the matter is we have two choices. We either reduce spending in state government, or we raise taxes,” said the Perry.


Perry said he thinks its a no-brainer as to which choice small business owners would make for the state.


“Which one of these would be the best decision? I’m thinking they’re going to say, ‘Let’s find the reductions in spending,'” Perry said…


When asked if raiding the state’s Rainy Day Fund was an option to closing the budget shortfall, Perry expressed his desire to avoid doing so. He said he wanted to try to make up the difference solely by making cuts in spending.

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