Texas Senate to Vote on Eminent Domain bill, SB 18 TOMORROW

Via Terri Hall at TURF:

Texas Senate to Vote on Eminent Domain bill, SB 18 TOMORROW!
Calls Needed

The Texas Senate will vote on the fast-tracked eminent domain bill, SB 18, tomorrow. It’s a railroad job. This bill does NOTHING to fix Kelo. This bill still allows eminent domain for “blight” and “economic development.” Your Texas Senators need to hear from YOU! Texans need to say ANY eminent domain bill that fails to provide protection from Kelo is UNACCEPTABLE and a ruse!


In the meantime, ask your members of the House to put some language in the House version that will give landowners genuine protection from Kelo abuses as well as protection from stealing Texans’ land in the name of a road project and handing it to a private, for-profit, foreign toll operator for 50 years using public private partnerships.


With quotes like this one from the bill’s author, Senator Craig Estes, in the Star-Telegram, lawmakers need an encounter with Texans with strong ties to their land in a Trans Texas Corridor-style uprising.

“Every word in there has been carefully crafted,” said Estes, whose district includes Parker, Wise, and parts of Denton and Collin counties. “Nobody is 100 percent happy, which means it’s a pretty good bill.”

Accordingly, Estes said he will fight any amendment to ward off even the slightest change that could unravel the compromise.


“I don’t care if your amendment turns lead into gold. It’s not going to happen if I can help it,” Estes said. “Any bill can be made better, but when you have all the major interest groups on board, let’s don’t let perfection get in the way of something that’s good for Texas.”


In committee Estes quipped that SB 18 was a special interests bill, then tried to back-track and say all Texans are a “special interest.” An eminent domain attorney who represents landowners in eminent domain cases said this bill was a “lobbyist’s dream.”

Call your Texas State Senators now!

Tell them to vote NO on SB 18 and give landowners protection from Kelo

Go here to find out who your representatives are: http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/


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