IRCOT : Straus Leadership Team Planning to Water Down Voter ID Bill?

Fellow Grassroots Texans:


IRCOT relayed word today that the Straus Leadership Team in the Texas House plans to water down the photo voter ID bill when it comes out of the Senate.
Senate Bill 14, in its current form, is considered by IRCOT to be a true photo voter ID bill and IRCOT supports the language of this bill.  We’re told that the move over to the House may happen VERY SOON so if you wish to be heard on this, your calls, faxes and visits ought to happen SOONER rather than later.
According to IRCOT, many Republicans in the Texas House are pushing for a weaker voter ID bill that would allow for 2 paper forms of non-photo identification to be presented in lieu of photo ID from a government entity.
The paper forms of identification could include something as simple as a library card or a letter from a government entity.  IRCOT tells us that the Texas Secretary of State has admitted that the letter from a government entity could potentially be a rejection letter from the voter registrar disapproving a voter registration as identification.


Senator Fraser’s bill, SB 14, is the bill that will require a true photo ID from a government entity.

To find out who represents you in the Texas House and their contact information, go here:


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