LIVE VIDEO Link to Texas Senate Debate on Voter ID

The Texas Senate is debating Voter ID NOW.  You can watch the live video feed via this page:  

(Thanks to Konni for the link)

Direct link :


Michael Quinn Sullivan weighs with some historical background


The Texas Senate is taking up Voter ID legislation today. Sound famliar? In 2009, the Texas Senate moved quickly to pass Voter ID legislation… which was then allowed to languish in the Texas House.
The legislation sat in committee for a very long time, finally getting out just in time for liberal opponents to kill it procedurally through a calendar delay tactic.
Whether House Speaker Joe Straus and his leadership team will move this important ballot security measure faster this session remains to be seen. They have said it is a priority.
Texas voters like the idea. Those politicians who don’t… well, just let your imagination wonder why they don’t want more accountability in elections.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry recently made Voter ID an “emergency” issue, meaning it can move faster through the process.
Make sure that your state senator hears from you today! You can call using the Capital switchboard (between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), at 512-463-4630.

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