Sen. Jim DeMint Weighs in on the Texas Senate Race

Senator Jim DeMint, Chairman of the Senate Conservatives’ Fund, sent the following message earlier today:


Dear Fellow Conservative:


I have some very important news to share. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) announced yesterday that she will not seek a fourth term in 2012.


This is a major development because it opens up a Senate seat in a strong Republican state, giving us another opportunity to elect a principled conservative.


The Republican primary election for this seat won’t take place until March 6, 2012 but I expect several candidates to enter the race very soon.


The Senate Conservatives Fund will thoroughly evaluate each of these candidates to see if a clear standout emerges.



As you know, we don’t endorse liberal or wishy-washy Republicans. Our mission is to elect strong conservative leaders who have the courage to stand up and defend the principles of freedom that make America great.


In order to win the SCF endorsement, candidates have to demonstrate a deep commitment to conservative principles as well as a willingness to stand up to their own party when it’s wrong.


They also have to show they can build and run an effective campaign. Texas is a very large state and a winning candidate will need a strong statewide grassroots organization and the ability to raise money to get their message out.


Based on media reports following Senator Hutchison’s announcement, the Washington establishment appears to be lining up behind Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (R). However, the two candidates we hear about most from conservatives are Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams (R) and former Solicitor General Ted Cruz (R).


As you may remember, SCF encouraged Texas Governor Rick Perry to appoint Michael Williams to Senator Hutchison’s seat when she was expected to resign in the middle of her term. Michael is an outstanding conservative leader and he will be at the very top of our list as we consider candidates for an endorsement in the 2012 election.


We will keep you updated as this race develops. If you have information about the candidates or if
you want to make a recommendation, please email us…


Thank you for being a member of this community. SCF was able to elect strong conservatives to the
Senate in 2010. With your help, we can do it again in 2012!


Jim DeMint
Jim DeMint
United States Senator
Chairman, Senate Conservatives Fund

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