The 15 Heroes of Texas – by Donna Garner


The 15 Heroes of Texas


by Donna Garner



When the vote for Speaker of the Texas House was taken today, Rep. Berman (R-Tyler) required that a record vote be taken of those voting for and those voting against Joe Straus as Speaker.


The 15 Heroes of Texas who voted against Straus were as follows:

Leo Berman
Wayne Christian
Dan Flynn
Van Taylor
Phil King
Jodie Laubenberg
Tan Parker
Bill Zedler
David Simpson
Charles Perry
Jim Landtroop
James White
Cindy Burkett
Erwin Cain
Ken Paxton

Let me attempt to explain what has happened in Austin over the last two days.


My husband coached football for 36 years; and during those years, I learned a few very important things:

(1)  The game is not over until the official blows his whistle.

(2)  Any team o

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