Across Texas, Representatives are Reminded, ‘Listen to Texans!’


On Monday, December 13th, State Representatives from around the State of Texas received visits from their constituents, all of whom were there to remind them to ‘LISTEN TO TEXANS!’


Some representatives welcomed a visit from their constituents.  Others locked their doors and hid out.  Here is a sampling of reports from North Texas:


House District 4 (Lance Gooden):

“We had a great turn-out in Kaufman today at noon.  We had 52 people of all verities–from the Dog Catcher to the Family Dr. were all there to support the election of a Conservative Speaker… State Rep. Elect Lance Gooden did not come.  He was invited–but failed to show. “

House District 91 (Kelly Hancock):

“We had 25 people at the Kelly Hancock rally… Had a petition of over 200 signatures (from all over NE Tarrant county) to hand to Hancock but he nor a secretary was in his office. We signed the guest register and left a note why we were there and are mailing the petition to him via certified mail.”


House District 114 (Will Hartnett):

“We had about two dozen at Will Hartnett’s office.  Rep. Hartnett came out, thanked us all for coming out and spoke with the attendees at length.  Though Joe Straus claims to have Rep. Hartnett’s support in the Speaker race, Hartnett told us he is ‘officially undecided’…”

House District 62 (Larry Phillips):

“Larry Phillips was not available, but the staff was very polite and offered coffee and invited us inside to get warm. We asked that he call and discuss his choice for speaker and why he feels Joe Straus is good for Texas.”

House District 112 (Angie Chen-Button):

“About 25 – 30 protestors arrived at ACB’s office to find a locked door with with a note that read, “Sorry we missed you, we will return at 1:30pm”… The folks decided to march along the street in front of her office and camped out flying signs and flags at the red light on Arapaho Rd. “

House District 65 (Burt Solomons):

“At Rep. Burt Solomons’ office, the door was locked and the lights were turned off.  Clearly, it wasn’t a priority for Solomons to speak with his constituents about this important subject.  We all signed a poster that said, “Burt, 2012 Primaries are in 14 months!”  Hopefully, he got the message.”

House District 102 (Stefani Carter):

“Around 35 to 40 attended the rally at Stefani Carter’s campaign headquarters on Arapaho. (See facebook picture on Mike Openshaw’s facebook.) Stefani Carter was in Austin, but James Carter, Stefani’s campaign manager, had the group fill out some info sheets to pass on to her.” 


House District 64 (Myra Crownover):

“At Rep. Myra Crownover’s office, I’ve been told that she greeted 25 protesters into her office with tea and cookies.  Then, she went on to say that the Speaker’s race wasn’t important.  I always thought it was when elected officials went to Washington that they got “Potomac Fever”; I guess it’s so contagious it can be caught in Denton County.”

House District 92 (Todd Smith):

“The rally at Todd Smith’s office had 30 people there.  They were outside his office alongside 183 – great visibility for passers-by.  All 30 of those rally goers took the petition into Smith’s office!! Smith wasn’t there but they handed it to the Secretary and told her that they would like Smith to reconsider his vote for Straus and they would like the Speaker elected in a Republican caucus.”

House District 98 (Vicki Truitt):

“Truitt’s office had at least 60 folks attending.  She was out of town, in Austin, we were told when we delivered the petitions and letters.  A few folks who walked by talked with us and signed the petiiton as well.”

House District 105 (Linda Harper-Brown):

“We sang our “Oust Joe Straus” carol to the tune of Jingle Bells periodically, about 5 times total, during the hour and once for Bill Harper.  We used the time for speeches, announcements, and discussions among those present, and some went out to have lunch together afterward.  One member made a videotape and hopes to get it posted at YouTube. Good investment of our time, if for nothing more than allowing opportunity to spend informal time with other passionate and influential conservatives in Irving with whom we all share this common goal — to OUST JOE STRAUS.”

 House District 115 (Jim Jackson):

“I attended the Dist 115 Jim Jackson gathering.  We had about a dozen attendees.  Jim was not there.  We did have a member go to their office and we told that they knew we were there but did not know why.”


House District 67 (Jerry Madden):

“Last Monday, at Jerry Madden’s office, House District 67, we had about 20 protestors show up, too bad Jerry wasn’t around. We showed our flags and protest signs to passer by in the traffic. We got the message to him by slipping a protest sign with our picture on it thru the mail slot.”


House District 113 (Joe Driver):

“Rep. Joe Driver was not at his office nor anyone on his staff. The doors to the office/insurance agency were locked from 12-1pm. When they opened @ 1pm we spoke to a State Farm staff member who told us no one was in today. We left a petition signed by the 12 patriots who rallied outside of Driver’s office.” 


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